What is Ganbare Anime?

Ganbare Anime is a space where I post my weekly thoughts and opinions on currently airing anime series and have it open to discussion for the visitors. I’ll also be posting anime series that I personally recommend as well as my reflections/review of series once I’ve completed them. Ganbare Anime also aims to provide visitors with links to legal streams for series if available (usually through Crunchyroll, Daisuki, or Funimation).

This site was originally started as a side project for me to spend my free time on. Rather than sit on my butt doing nothing, I decided to practice my writing with weekly posts and experiment with social media.

Who am I?

Now for some more personal information about who I am. I’m currently a fourth year university student attending Ryerson University and majoring in marketing. I started this blog since anime is one of my hobbies/past times and wanted to do something productive with it. I don’t generally have any specific preferences regarding anime genres but I’d have to say that my favourite series tend to be romantic comedies. You can find a list of series that I’ve watched on my MyAnimeList profile. All my ratings are based on my own personal enjoyment of the series since in the end, I feel that your own personal opinion is the only one that matters when deciding whether an anime series was worth watching.

I got into anime probably about a year or two ago (Summer of 2012). I was bored and had a horrible sleep pattern which caused me to stay awake all night. I decided to rewatch some anime that I had seen long ago (Love Hina, Aishiteruze Baby, Ichigo 100%, Tenjou Tenge for example). I had never really been a big anime fan but after watching those series, something just connected with me and I felt the need to watch more (Perhaps I was able to enjoy them more, or seen them from a different perspective now that I’ve grown up). I pursued related series by looking up recommendations on sites like Myanimelist and that’s how my anime hobby was started.

I’d love to interact with the community more so if you ever want to discuss something or even play a game of League of Legends (ign Jikman on NA server) feel free to leave a comment or fill out the contact form.