Akame ga KILL! Anime Adaptation Announced

akame ga kill anime

It was announced earlier today that the popular action fantasy manga, Akame ga KILL! (Akame ga Kiru) would receive an anime adaptation. The synopsis for the series is that a fighter by the name of Tatsumi sets off to the Capital to earn money for his village but ends up getting robbed by a girl. Corruption runs rampant within the Capital. Luckily, another girl helps him out by taking him in. He is then recruited into a group of assassins who aim to eliminate the corruption from the Capital through violent means. Akame ga KILL! has been known to be quite a graphic series so whether the anime adaptation will tone down on the violence is still unknown.

I’ve personally heard about this series a while back and have been looking to get into it but with the announcement of the anime adaptation, I’ll likely wait so I can enjoy the anime. This series has been quite hyped up around various anime communities which is what caught my interest in the first place. The 2014 anime year is really shaping up with a lot of big title’s being slated. With the addition of Akame ga KILL!, along with Fate/Stay Night (remake), Mahouka, JoJo’s, Ao Haru Ride, Sword Art Online II, Mongatari, and Psycho-Pass 2, the 2014 anime year is likely one to be remembered.


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