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Akame ga Kill Episode 10 – Temptation

Things are moving along rather quickly. We get to see the Jaegers showcase their abilities, Tatsumi plus Esdeath alone time, and his escape all within the episode.

Akame ga Kill Tatsumi Esdeath Kiss

As shown before, Esdeath really treats her men well. Given her strength, she could have killed Tatsumi on the spot for even considering opposing the capital. Yet, she basically offers the world to him as long as he stayed by her side. Esdeath makes quick decisions and is stubborn, making it impossible for her to change her ways.

Akame ga Kill Episode 10 Summary Esdeath Shower

I find Esdeath’s character to be irrational and doesn’t make a lot of sense. She’s been made out to be this feared general who shows no mercy, yet here she is playing house with Tatsumi. But then again, love doesn’t always make sense I guess. I still find it to be entertaining but can’t help but think that it’s a little silly.

Akame ga Kill Ep 10 Review Tatsumi slapped

It’s funny since Tatsumi’s original dream is right in front of him. When he came to the capital, he wanted to work his way up the ladder and be a high ranking soldier. He can save his village too through Esdeath’s connections. But Tatsumi’s strong sense of justice prohibits him from giving in.

Akame ga Kill Seryuu Crazy

Tatsumi has matured a bit as well. After losing Bulat and Sheele, he’s realized what this line of work entails. While he wants to avenge them, he realizes that if he dies here, their deaths will be in vain. He’d also be putting the rest of Night Raid in danger since Esdeath would have leverage on them. Because of this, he sucks it up and keeps his emotions in check.

Tatsumi vs Wave

Overall, the Jaegers don’t seem much different from Night Raid. Both groups fight for what they believe in. Since “justice” is subjective, it’s hard to say who’s right and who’s wrong. The members are quite reminiscent of each other as well. While some of them have twisted minds, a lot of them are kind-hearted and are fighting for what they believe in. Wave especially is nearly the same as Tatsumi. The same upbringing, the same values, the only difference is their experiences with the Capital.

Akame smiling

It felt like Tatsumi escaped a little too easily from Esdeath’s grasp. For such a feared group of counter-assassins, I thought that they would have had a closer eye on Tatsumi.I guess they didn’t expect someone to even attempt running away from Esdeath which may explain her entrusting him to Wave. Even though he would have had a pampered life, he’s relieved that Night Raid members went out of their way to rescue him. These people are like family to him and he wouldn’t want to have to fight against them.

Akame ga Kill Akame glaring

Dr Stylish was watching Tatsumi on his own agenda and will make their escape a little messier. The fact that he didn’t notify the rest of his teammates though, makes me think that he’ll be the first Jaeger to fall. This coming fight though, will be the catalyst that begins the war between Night Raid and the Jaegers.

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  1. Esdeath is a $hitbag. And really Tatsumi is no better, all because of bad advice of not emoting from his big bro who died because he’s a useless shit. He let those run allover his dignity as a failed waste of human gene stuff every goddamn time that crap shit edgelord estrash got her hands on him.

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