Akame ga Kill Episode 11 Review Akame Execute

Akame ga Kill Episode 11 – Stylish

Okay, so I guess Dr Stylish wasn’t actually naive enough to go into this all on his own. He actually has an entire army of super humans at his disposal to take on Night Raid. While the majority of his soldiers are fodder, he does have a few Imperial Arm users amongst them.

Akame ga Kill Anime Episode 11 Review

It hurts them to see their beloved Sheele’s weapon being tainted with the enemy’s hands. She used Extase to fight for justice and yet it’s being used for “evil”. Luckily, this enemy isn’t as compatible with the weapon as Sheele was. He’s unable to activate any of Extase’s special abilities and just swings it around like a sword. They make quick work of him and finally retrieve a “piece of Sheele” and can gain some closure on her death.

Akame Pajamas

On the other side, Akame is able to make quick work of Toby. The guy is literally a machine, yet he isn’t even able to leave a stain on Akame’s pajamas. By being a machine, he moved like one as well. No matter how badly he was injured by Akame, he never adjusted his movements. His inability to feel pain made his movements easily read by Akame which lead to his defeat.

Akame ga Kill ep 11 Summary

As the battle progresses to the next stage, everyone becomes unable to fight due to the poison. The stage has been set, and it’s finally time for Tatsumi to live up to Aniki’s legacy. That is, until Susanoo shows up and steals the spotlight. Being a humanoid, I have to say that he doesn’t leave much of an impression on me. At this point, he’s just another strong warrior without any real personality.

Akame ga Kill new episode review Dr Stylish

For the finale, Dr Stylish is finally discovered. For someone with as much pride as him, he sure is quite the coward. He hides behind those he manipulates and begins to run the second things turn sour. His men are loyal to him but he doesn’t value their lives at all, only using them for his own benefit. His entire death felt a bit rushed, but I guess it suited his character. He was an extravagant person, and thus his death was quick and eccentric.

Akame ga Kill Chelsea

Poor Seryuu is losing another person whom she idolizes. I imagine this would only fuel her hate for Night Raid even more, leading to another clash in the near future. Night Raid has just refilled their line up and it may be time for another one to bite the dust!

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