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Akame ga Kill Episode 12 – Newcomers

I guess we’re taking a breather. We did just have an entire episode dedicated to a fight, so it’s only natural to get some downtime as everyone regroups. We also get a formal introduction to the new Night Raid members!

Akame ga Kill Best Girl Susanoo

Even if he lacks emotions, Susanoo has easily become a vital member of Night Raid. He’s basically the mom of the assassins, making sure that everything is clean and doing all of the house chores. There’s not much else to say about him since he is just an Imperial Arm in the end.

Akame ga Kill Chelsea Teigu

Chelsea on the other hand is quite the opposite of Susanoo. She’s obnoxious, and loves to cause trouble. She sets her eyes on Mine and makes her the main target for her pranks. Maybe this is just her way of bonding and chose Mine since she’s lost Sheele (whom she was closer with). Her Imperial Arm seems a bit lackluster, since it’s useless in combat, but can be good for catching people off guard.

Akame ga Kill Ep 12 Summary Chelsea

Chelsea ends up making some blunt remarks, which strikes a nerve with Tatsumi and Mine. Their friends gave their lives in the line of duty, and here we have a newcomer mocking their sacrifice. Perhaps there’s a bit of resentment, since her old team failed, and were all killed. She was the only one who survived, and therefore, is angry about their deaths in the line of duty. Deep down, she really does care for them though. She just gives them a bit of tough love since she doesn’t want to go through losing friends again.

Akame ga Kill Seryuu Crying

While Night Raid is lively as ever with their new members, The Jaegers are still mourning the loss of their own. While Seryuu isn’t the most sane person, you can’t really fault her for hating Night Raid. Even if Dr. Stylish and Ogre were twisted, they were important people to her. Watching all the people you care about being killed by Night Raid, you’d be pretty angry with them as well.

Akame episode 12 Run

Overall, this was a slow, but relaxing, episode. At the end of the episode though, we do see a new threat appear. He doesn’t appear to be associated with either the Jaegers, or Night Raid. Is there possibly a third party involved? We also have to question Run’s loyalty. Surely, he’d be a fool to oppose Esdeath, but perhaps he has his own agenda on the side.

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