Akame ga Kill Episode 13 Review Esdeath Blushing

Akame ga Kill Episode 13 – Reunited

It seems like Esdeath is dead set on being reunited with Tatsumi. She’s refusing any other substitutes. Once she’s set her mind on something, she sees it through until the end.

Queen Esdeath Akame ga Kill Anime Ep 13 impressions

Esdeath has shown how well she treats her men in the past. While she could easily intimidate others to serve her, all of her men are with her out of their own free will. She’s not only able to lead with her strength, but people follow her because she shows her appreciation for their efforts. These men have become so loyal to her since she doesn’t rule over them like a tyrant, but more like a queen.

Bols Family Akame ga Kill Ep 13 Blogging

Bols reminds me a lot like a friendly giant. People are intimidated by his appearance, but he’s probably the most gentle out of the Jaegers. Like the rest of the soldiers, Bols has stained his hands with blood in the past. He acknowledges that his actions were wrong, but he was following orders. He knows that doesn’t excuse him from his crimes, but he accepts that. He’s been able to find happiness by finding a woman who can see past all of that, and love him for who he actually is.

Akame ga Kill Anime Ep 13 Discussion Chelsea

Even though the Jaegers were formed to eliminate Night Raid, they both have the same goal. The Danger Beasts are wreaking havoc on the civilians which is a problem for both parties. While they don’t want to clash, Night Raid can’t sit idly as innocent people are hurt. Chelsea does bring up a good concern before they begin their mission though. Kindness is easily exploited, especially in this world. Tatsumi has already been put into many near death situations because of his desire for justice.

Akame ga Kill Comedy Akame and Tatsumi

Regardless, it was nice to see Night Raid being so lively. After an unfortunate series of events, they haven’t been able to kickback and have a bit of fun. Poor Tatsumi finally gets a moment to act like a senior member by lecturing Chelsea, when suddenly his fly drops. His moment ends up turning into ridicule from everyone.

Akame ga Kill Season 2 Young Najenda

Tatsumi is finally paired up with Lubbock, and we get to hear his story. Unlike the rest of Night Raid, he came from a luxurious lifestyle. His family had wealth and power. He was set in life, and had no need to seek out anything else. But money can’t buy you happiness. His life had little meaning, never being challenged by anyone. That is until Najenda showed up. I guess her character captivated him, and then he decided to throw away everything in order to pursue this one desire.

Esdeath Smiling Akame Ep 13

At the end, Tatsumi and Esdeath have their fated encounter. With both sides working on the same mission, it was inevitable for them to clash. There’s nothing more romantic than being with your loved one under the moonlight, with a pile of blood and guts beneath your feet!

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