Akame ga Kill Episode 14 Review

Akame ga Kill Episode 14 – Beach Prologue

From the preview, it looks like we’re in store for the obligatory beach episode (yay)! To warm up for it though, we get a mini beach episode featuring Esdeath and Tatsumi.

Akame ga Kill anime ep 14 review Tatsumi Esdeath Kiss

Tatsumi and Esdeath go on their first date after being sent away by the mysterious assailant. She actually isn’t even upset that he tried to escape her in the past. I guess that’s just part of what she’s missing, since her mind tunnels only on the things she cares about. All she cares about is winning over Tatsumi’s heart one day, and makes use of every opportunity she gets.

Akame ga Kill ep 14 summary

Esdeath just isn’t afraid of anything in the world. She’s caught off guard, and thrown into a desolate area where the opponent should theoretically have the upper hand, yet the only thing on her mind is spending time with Tatsumi. Even as a child, she never feared the danger beasts. She knew that she was strong, and if she was ever defeated, then there would simply be nothing more she could do. Only the weak die in her eyes, so there’s no point being sad at the death of her tribe.

Akame ga Kill episode 14 discussion

We finally get some insight on who the great Esdeath really is. Her personality has always been the same, even as a child. Her father’s words really stuck with her, and she took them as a way of living. Perhaps being raised in a small hunting tribe, and not having any female figures to guide her caused her to go down this path.

akame ga kill episode reviews

Even when her tribe was slaughtered, she didn’t feel any despair. While she claimed she mourned her father, she saw it as a pity that he’s dead, but it couldn’t be helped. With his death, Esdeath lost the last thing keeping her in check. Now she was just a wild hunter who sought to become stronger.

akame ga kill tatsumi esdeath date

By joining the capital, she was able to quickly move up the ranks, and prove her strength. She could choose from any imperial weapon, but she had to choose the one that would make her the strongest in the capital. The blood of the danger beast embeds evil thoughts into the beholder’s head. Luckily, Esdeath was already sadistic and enjoyed bringing pain to others. The imperial arm simply made attaining her goal much easier.

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After having spent all this time with Esdeath, Tatsumi can’t find it in himself to hate her. He knows that they’re enemies, but seeing this side of Esdeath has lowered his guard. They say anything goes during a war, but Tatsumi has a strong sense of morality. He felt like he owed Esdeath at least some courtesy for taking care of him on the island. It’ll be hard for him to fight against her since he’ll have to separate the murderous Esdeath, and the one who showed him kindness, from his mind.

akame ga kill episode 14 thoughts

With the new villain being revealed as the Minister’s son, I can only begin to question what his intentions are. Is the Minister setting up another squad to undermine the newly formed Jaegers? His son appears to have some sort of daddy issues as well, based on his reaction when his father’s name was brought up.

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