Akame ga Kill Episode 15 Review

Akame ga Kill Episode 15 – Showdown

While the beach portion of the episode was short lived, Tatsumi is one lucky assassin. Not only does he have the strongest woman of the capital yearning for him, he basically has the attention of all of the women in Night Raid as well!

Akame ga Kill anime ep 15 Review

As the tension between Night Raid and the Jaegers continues to build, we get to see some more of Seryuu. Her view on the world is black and white. Either you’re a criminal, or you’re not. Regardless of what your crime was, you deserve the same punishment as all other offenders. This is pretty hypocritical of her since she’s technically committing a sin as well.

Akame ga Kiru episode 15 Review

Wave is wondering what the heck he’s gotten himself into. The Jaegers are an odd bunch with pretty sadistic tendencies. Like Tatsumi, he was a naive country boy who ventured off to the big city, hoping to make a name for himself. Now that he’s seen the reality, he doesn’t condone their behavior. He seems like a good person, but has gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd. The only reason why he chooses to continue to stick around is because his loved ones are taken care of, thanks to Esdeath.

Akame ga Kill ep 15 Impressions

Up until now, Night Raid and the Jaegers have been having small encounters. This gave us a bit of time to get to know everyone better. Now that we’ve been formally introduced to everyone, things are getting serious as they both prepare for an all out clash. Even though Wave is a member of the Jaegers, Night Raid isn’t going out of their way to target him. This will make things a bit easier for Tatsumi since he respected him.

Akame ga Kill anime episode 15 thoughts

Even though they know they’re being baited, Esdeath decides to charge head on. With the clash of imperial arm users, it’s decided that there will be casualties at the end of this. I’m pretty torn since I don’t want to see more Night Raid members fall, and Bols has grown on me. Kurome doesn’t seem likely to fall, given her importance to Akame’s story, and the sheer strength of her weapon. Unfortunately, someone has to die at the end of this clash (unless they take back their word on one Teigu user always dying).

Episode 15 Akame ga Kill anime Review

While I look forward to the impending clash of sisters, I’m still wondering how the Prime Minister’s son will play into all of this. He appeared out of no where, wreaked havoc, and kind of just disappeared. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see his importance once he makes his presence known to the Minister.

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