Akame ga Kill Episode 16 Review

Akame ga Kill Episode 16 – Puppets

Well, this was quite an explosive episode (literally)! The entire episode was action packed as we basically had the fight between Kurome, and all of Night Raid. While Bols was there, I think it’s safe to say that Kurome is holding up well on her own.

Akame ga Kill Anime Episode 16 Review

Kurome’s Yatsufusa really suits her twisted personality. I’m guessing that she’s suffered a lot of trauma as a child, and is now mentally unstable. Her sense of love is abnormal. She cherishes her childhood friend, and thus turned them into a puppet, so that they could be together forever. She now wants to do the same to her sister so that she’ll stay by her side.

Akame ga Kill ep 16 thoughts

Maybe she does this because Akame left her in the first place. The person you love most in the world just suddenly up and leaves one day. On top of that, she was forced to live under cruel or brutal conditions while working as an assassin. You can’t really blame her for any possible abandonment issues that she may have. With her Yatsufusa though, she can control those people, thus she’ll never have to be alone again.

Akame Anime ep 16 impressions

Aside from Natala, I don’t see her other puppets holding much of a significance. The puppets she chose, for the most part, are just random people and random danger beasts (that are hyped up). Assuming that she makes it out of this alive, I can see her replenishing her toys with characters that we’re acquainted with.

Akame ga Kiru episode 16 reviews

Bols seems to have a lot of respect for Akame. Even though they’re enemies, he doesn’t hold anything against her personally. He just sees everything as part of his mission. Ultimately, that leads to his sacrifice in the end. He decides to see his duties through till the bitter end, and attempts to take out Night Raid members with him.

Akame ga Kill ep 16 summary

Chelsea joins the fray in order to protect Tatsumi. Her teigu isn’t very effective for combat, so she took an incredible risk by using it on the battlefield. If she can’t fool the enemy, then she’s pretty much useless. She’s managed to avoid detection up until now by killing in disguise. Luckily for her, the only people present were Kurome’s puppets so her identity is safe.

Episode 16 Akame ga Kill Anime Impressions

We haven’t actually had any confirmed deaths so far in this clash of teigu users, although Bols’ fate seems grim. We had quite a few death flags going off during the battle. Both Lubbock and Chelsea wanting to confess their loves are pretty telling signs. From the episode preview, it looks like we’ll be learning about Chelsea’s past, making things look more grim for them. We already know Lubbock’s story, so he can be offed at anytime, and we can add Chelsea to the list once we learn hers!

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