Akame ga Kill Episode 17 – Retribution

Man… Akame ga Kill, why must you play with my emotions. The clash between Night Raid and the Jaegers draws to a close, but not without a few casualities.

Akame ga Kill Ep 17 Review Chelsea Killing Bols

Bols’ explosion basically renders both sides unable to fight. While a stalemate between Teigu users is looking like a reality, Bols is assassinated by none other than Chelsea. She uses his weakness, being too kind, against him. Having a daughter of his own, there is no way he can turn away a seemingly injured girl. This is the same weakness that Chelsea was concerned about within Night Raid. Both sides are vulnerable because their members act according to what they believe is right.

Akame ga Kill ep 17 Bols Dying

Bols’ death actually hit me pretty hard. Seeing flashbacks of his past were painful. He had the biggest heart out of the Jaegers, always taking care of everyone. He didn’t value himself as highly though. He thought that he was disgusting, and was scum for taking so many innocent lives. He could be kind to others, but never kind to himself.

Episode 17 Akame ga Kill Bols Family

In the end, his family is what kept him going. He knew that his line of work was brutal, but at the end of the day, his family still accepted him unconditionally. Even if he knew that this day was coming, his family was expecting him to return and he couldn’t burden them by not. I’m sure his death will not only touch his family, but the rest of the Jaegers as well. While the world may have despised him, he had found his place to belong.

Akame ga Kill anime episode 17 summary Kurome past

In the bit of downtime we get this episode, we learn more about Kurome and Akame’s past. Akame seemed like the stronger sibling, and always protected Kurome. The capital took Kurome away because she was weaker and basically corrupted her.

Akame ga Kiru ep 17 review

We also get a glimpse into Chelsea’s life. Like many others, she just wanted to live a safe and stable life within the capital. All she had to do was slowly work her way up the ladder, and she’d be set. But, like Tatsumi and the others, once she saw the corruption before her own eyes, she couldn’t sit still. She began to purify the world by eliminating those who were corrupt.

Akame Anime episode 17 impressions Demon Kurome

Now that we have both of their stories, it means that both of their death flags had been raised. While Kurome is seemingly caught off guard, it’s all irrelevant thanks to the capital’s drugs. I’m not going to lie… I may have jumped out of my seat when she got up and grabbed Yatsufusa from Chelsea.

Akame ga Kill Chelsea Death

With the mission being a failure, Chelsea’s fate is sealed. It’s a shame since she was a new member of Night Raid, and never really fit in with them. She was kind of a loner in the group, but it suited her line of work. Since she was often alone, she was never able to really convey her feelings or tell her story to the rest of Night Raid. It’s tragic that her story ends here, and no one will ever know who Chelsea really was. It’s a bit ironic that she justified Bols’ death as his retribution, yet she herself was guilty of similar crimes. In the end, both of them get their retribution for all the lives that they have taken.

Akame ga Kill ep 17 thoughts

While Tatsumi has been with Night Raid for a while, the pain of losing a close comrade never goes away. Even if Chelsea had just joined, it still breaks him to see her head being used to set an example. Overall, I’d say this episode hit pretty hard on the sad points, despite having some lighter comedic scenes throughout.

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