Akame ga Kill Episode 19 Review

Akame ga Kill Episode 19 – Fate

Well, things start off with a bang! Last episode was rather calm as Night Raid took out the inferior demons with relative ease. Without much set up, this week they toss us straight into a battle with the Jaegers.

Akame ga Kill Ep 19 Review

Before the mission begins, Night Raid sit down and have a feast of their favorite dishes. While the scene had a light atmosphere, I couldn’t help but prepare for the worst. Eating their favorite meals before a big mission is commonly associated with being a final meal. They have a big task ahead of them, and after defeating three out of the four demons, security is likely at an all time high. It felt like Najenda was preparing for the worst by treating her assassins one last time in the event something goes wrong.

Akame ga Kill Anime Episode 19 Summary

We got the long awaited showdown between Seryu and Mine. It’s no surprise that Seryu doesn’t hold any attachment towards Tatsumi. Not only is he adored by Esdeath, but the two shared a brief connection in the past. Her twisted sense of justice allows her to easily erase all of that and show them no mercy.

Mine Revenge Akame ga Kill

Mine had been waiting for this moment for a while now, the chance to avenge her fallen comrades. She has a tough battle ahead of her. With Seryu being adept at both long and close range combat, and Coro covering her other weak points, it would be difficult for Mine to keep up with them. Luckily for her, Pumpkin is incredibly broken and grows stronger with the enemy (the greater the danger).

Mine killing Seryu Akame ga Kill

I have to admit, I was pretty concerned for Mine with all of those death flags raised. Getting flashbacks to her childhood and her new found feelings for Tatsumi nearly gave me a heart attack! Luckily, she lives another day and was able to avenge both Sheele and Chelsea, who Seryu disrespected in death.

Seryu Death Scene Akame Anime

For how crazy Seryu is… I almost felt bad for her in her final moments. Looking back at her life, she has lost so many people to the hands of the rebels. Unfortunately, she was biased towards those she lost and saw it as injustice. She never saw the other side of the picture and questioned why those close to her were killed. In the end, she’s still just a child who was misguided. All of her leader figures had the same ideals and she truly believed that they were right.

Akame ga Kiru Episode 19 Review

Tatsumi manages to save Mine in the nick of time. The past few episodes have been shipping these two pretty hard, and he has now, literally, become her knight in shining armor! Tatsumi has finally managed to save someone he cared about. He had always been too weak or in the wrong place at the wrong time and could do nothing but mourn his comrades deaths.

Discussion Akame ga Kill Ep 19

Wave is in a similar position as Tatsumi. Bols died because of his weakness in the past, and Kurome suffered critical injuries. He’s taking a stand now and fulfilling his duties as a member of the Jaegers. Even if he doesn’t agree with some of their ideals, he considers the Jaegers to be his family and will protect them at all costs.

Akame ga Kill Episode 19 Impressions

Overall, the mission was a success. Night Raid managed to complete the task while suffering no causalities. I was looking forward to an all out clash, but Najenda knows Esdeath inside and out. She knows that currently, no one in Night Raid can match up against her. Instead of facing her head on, they operate in the shadows amidst all of the chaos to take out their target.

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