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Akame ga Kill Episode 20 – Carnage

Akame ga Kill has been quite faithful to the source up until this point. They skipped over an entire arc and are nearly caught up with the manga now it seems. Since the current arc is still on going, there’s a decent chance that we’ll have an anime original ending.

Akame ga Kill Anime Ep 20 Review

After the Jaegers failed to stop Night Raid, the minister has begun taking matters into his own hands. He appoints his son, Shura, to handle the rebels. Perhaps the Jaegers are losing points in the capital’s books, and may be no longer be as welcome. Esdeath is sent to far away places, while the rest of the Jaegers are being put off duty.

Akame ga Kill Ep 20 Synopsis

We get introduced to General Budou, potentially the strongest person (rivaling Esdeath) within the capital. To be honest, I was thrown off by his voice. When I saw this character originally, I envisioned a much deeper and macho voice. His voice seems rather soft, and seems more like a cowardly villain’s voice to me. Regardless, after all of the failures, the capital has stopped taking chances and are calling in their best men.

Impression Akame ga Kill Episode 20

Since we’re skipping over an arc, we’ve skipped over some of the smaller details. Mine and Tatsumi appear to officially be a couple now, even though we didn’t see the gooey romantic parts. She’s still a bit of a tsundere, but she refuses to let anyone else have Tatsumi, which I take as a sign of their relationship.

Akame ga Kill Episode 20 Impressions

After all of the light hearted chit chat, we jump straight into a battle. Shura lures Tatsumi and Lubbock into a trap where they’re dealt with. We didn’t see much of Tatsumi’s fight, but Budou seems impenetrable. While Tatsumi has become stronger, which is reflected in his swordsmanship, he is still no match against the likes of Esdeath and Budou. He gets taken in as a prisoner and is scheduled to be publicly executed to set an example. Tatsumi’s fate seems sealed, but Esdeath being in charge of the execution throws a wild card into the equation. She’s already stated that going against the capital cannot be overlooked, but her heart is still with Tatsumi.

Lubba vs Shura Akame Anime

Lubbock put up a good fight against Shura. He took advantage of Shura’s twisted mind and allowed him to play around as he set up a trap. Ultimately, he gets betrayed by their informant. The capital has instilled such fear in these people that they’re willing to go to great lengths to be on their good side. In the end, Lubbock is unable to escape all the death flags he’s set up. Knowing his doom is near, he makes the most of a bad situation, and takes out Shura alongside him.

Lubbock Death Scene Akame Anime Episode 20

While I’m saddened that Lubbock meets his end here, I couldn’t help but feel a bit turned off with how everything played out. Shura was introduced a while back, and his involvement in the plot felt a bit insignificant. For someone who was brought in to keep everything in check, he is dealt with rather quickly. His squad of soldiers are meaningless since they just sat around and watched. Shura felt like one of the earlier villains. A crazy person who loves to cause chaos, and then gets dealt with and that’s the end of it. The minister’s reaction sums up how Shura felt to me. Oh, he’s dead… that’s too bad.

Lubbock Dying Akame ga Kill Anime

I guess it couldn’t be helped that they had to adjust the parts of the story. They need to end the season on a strong note, but only have a handful of episodes remaining. Since this is a weekly series, and the manga chapters come out at a slower rate, I’m curious as to see how we’ll be wrapping up the series.

You can watch Akame ga Kill Episode 20 on Crunchyroll (available a week after airing to free users)

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2 thoughts on “Akame ga Kill Episode 20 – Carnage

  1. lubbock death is different in the manga (it was too harsh) they skipped the relationship between mine and tatsumi and there is only two chaoters left ??? in the manga??

    1. I read over Lubbock’s fate in the manga, and man it was gruesome. I don’t mind that they decreased the shock value, and thought that he died a pretty honorable death. My main complaint would have to be with how they skipped over the Wild Hunt arc. I get that some of the scenes may have been too disturbing to animate, but they really cut out the build up for Shura’s satisfying death! The result of skipping the arc also resulted in a few significant changes since several people should be dead at this point as well.

      I don’t see the manga ending anytime soon, especially since there wasn’t an announcement. There’s only 1 or 2 chapters left of the source so I’m just interested in seeing how the anime wraps up, and whether it’ll influence the manga as well.

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