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Akame ga Kill Episode 22 – Imouto

Lubbock can’t seem to catch a break… All of the girls batted him away when he was alive, and no one even remembers he existed. Well, you were pretty cool to me Lubba!

Both sides have suffered heavy losses up until this point. At least one, somewhat major, character has been killed off in the last four episodes! Their hideouts are getting pretty empty, but it seems like the end is near.

Akame ga Kill Ep 22 Synopsis Tatsumi comforting Akame

While the mission seemed like a failure, since they lost two people trying to save Tatsumi, they actually accomplished a lot. By taking down Budou, and making a mockery of the public execution, the Capital is seen in a worse light. The citizens are becoming agitated and beginning to revolt. While we may not have Mine’s pink twin tails anymore, the goal that everyone died for is becoming closer to a reality.

Akame ga Kill Episode 22 Summary Kurome Death

Kurome’s time is drawing near. Despite being enhanced, her body isn’t immune to fatal wounds. She knows she’s running out of time and has to settle the score with Akame. Both of them want to resolve their feelings before it’s too late and they can only live with regret.

Akame ga Kill Anime Ep 22 Review Akame Saving Kurome

Despite their distance, they can still sit and chat like old times. Unfortunately, they’re on different sides and have no choice but to fight. Even after everything, Akame still loves Kurome and will always try to protect her. I did think it was a bit cheesy having a random danger beast show up, and the two sisters uniting together to defeat it. But hey, they needed to team up one last time, for old times sake.

Akame Killing Kurome

Akame has been eaten up by the guilt of leaving Kurome in the capital. Kurome can’t forgive her sister for abandoning her. Kurome was subjected to so much torment, and the sister who would always protect her was no longer there. She was left alone, and I can see why she uses her Yatsufusa to keep her company. In the end, Kurome gets to be in her beloved sister’s arms, and have her friends by her side, allowing her to go peacefully.

Akame vs Kurome Fight Akame ga Kill Anime

Akame can now move on from her past, she saved her sister from the capital. She’s had this burden on her shoulders for years, and can finally let it all out, knowing her sister is at peace. Now that all of the loose ends have been tied up, there is only one more obstacle for them to overcome, taking down the capital.

Discussion Akame ga Kill Episode 22 Kurome Smiling

Kurome’s character had really started to grow on me, and I’m a bit bummed out with her death. It would have been nice to see her at full strength fighting her sister, but at least they ended on good terms. I couldn’t really see Kurome being saved after all of her anguish, so I was actually pretty satisfied with this.

Akame ga Kill Ep 22 Reaction Esdeath

It looks like we’re rushing towards a conclusive ending here with the pacing. It’s a shame that they cut out/altered great character development for Kurome and Run. I think that the way they handled it in the manga really captures Kurome’s mental state and her insecurities. Regardless, what do you guys think will happen? Will the Akame x Tatsumi ship set sail with Mine out of the picture, or will it be raided by the S.S. Esdeath?

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