Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Review Tatsumi Dying

Akame ga Kill Episode 23 – The Empire

With only two episodes remaining, we go full speed ahead with the megazoid battle! The animation quality really shot up a notch this week as it looks like Whitefox wants to go out with a bang.

Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Reaction Tatsumi's Death

Both sides took a step back after all of their casualties. Akame got to settle her score with Kurome, while Wave and Run got a chance to strengthen their resolves. They prepare themselves for the final mission, the empire is standing on its last leg and the final battle is nearing. Unfortunately, Tatsumi has to set off his own death flag by promising to survive till the end. I get that he has plot armor as the main character, but he was pushing his luck with that one.

Akame ga Kill Anime Ep 23 Summary

Run is surprisingly mature for someone working within the capital. He’s aware of its problems, and doesn’t agree with them. However, he still has his own moral values that he adheres to, and has come to the resolution that he’ll change the capital from within, without violence. He hates senseless slaughter, and refuses to use violence as a means to his goal. Even though his goal aligns with Night Raid, they see differently when it comes to the method of achieving it.

Akame ga Kill Anime Ep 23 Synopsis Leone vs Run

I think Leone was a bit hot-headed when listening to his story. Rather than understanding him, and possibly avoiding conflict, she jumps straight into battle. I’d say its hard to justify that Night Raid is a peaceful group, and Run certainly had a valid point. Either way, her motto of “let my fists do the talking” pretty much captures what Run is against.

Reaction to Akame ga Kill Anime Ep 23 Emperor

Tatsumi and Akame make their way to Onest and the Emperor. I guess they don’t believe the Emperor is actually guilty of all of the crimes due to his young age and impressionable nature. Rather than make a move for his head, they try to reason with him while Akame tries to deal with Onest. The Prime Minister mentioned something about an accident, taking the Emperor’s parents, leading me to believe that he may have had some involvement in that. I guess that would explain how Onest is able to sway the Emperor so easily. That, combined with the pressure of taking on the title of Emperor at such a young age, made him easy to manipulate.

Wave and Tatsumi Team up

Night Raid and the Jaegers put aside their differences after seeing the destruction caused by the Shikoutazer. Even though they may have their own ways of doing things, their end goal is still the same. Leaving the Emperor on the loose goes against both of their objectives. While fate may have put them on opposite sides, both Night Raid and the Jaeger members understand each other. They both want the same thing, and could easily reverse positions if a few stars were aligned.

Tatsumi Gold Incursio Mode

Tatsumi manages to evolve his Incursio to a never before seen state. He manages to defeat the Emperor, but his desire to protect the people leads to his downfall. He could have easily left the people to die, which wouldn’t have been the worst considering the Emperor massacred dozens of regions. Instead, he decides to Spiderman 2 it up and save everyone with his own body. A bit of a lame way to go out, but I guess it was fitting as a main lead. He didn’t fall to the enemy, but he died a hero.

It looks like we’ll have the final showdown next week with Akame versus Esdeath. It seems strange that Esdeath would still fight for the capital, despite the Emperor falling. Her precious Tatsumi also died in the process, and yet she’ll still defend the capital with her life.

Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Impressions Tatsumi's Death

I won’t bother comparing this route with the manga anymore, since at this point, it’s completely original. Overall, I loved the action and events of the episode, but it did feel a bit rushed. We didn’t get a ton of build up leading up to Tatsumi’s (or everyone elses’) deaths. They sort of just happen, and then we move on. While it’s understandable given the life of an assassin, but when such a prominent character dies, the viewer should feel some emotion out of it. They also tossed in Wave and Run’s character development within a few seconds, which I feel should have gotten more time. The last few episodes have just been a blur to me, a new threat appearing each episode, and a death of a prominent character.

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