Akame ga Kill Episode 24 Review

Akame ga Kill (END) – Anime Review

Well, it’s been a wild ride, but it’s finally come to an end. As usual, I’ll go over my thoughts on the final episode, and then briefly touch on the series as a whole.

Akame ga Kill Episode 24

Esdeath Reacting to Tatsumi Death

Upon learning of Tatsumi’s death, Esdeath’s reaction was actually unexpected. She had always said that if Tatsumi were to die, it was simply because he was weak. Losing Tatsumi, and having the empire fall to ruins, she has nothing left. She decides to destroy everything and seek out the next opportunity to battle.

Akame vs Esdeath Final Battle

We finally get the showdown that we’ve all been waiting for, Esdeath vs Akame. Esdeath had been hyped up to be the strongest by far, which made it a bit weird seeing Akame go blow for blow. Eventually Esdeath manages to overpower her, forcing Akame to get a last minute power up. Part of me wants to say it’s too convenient, considering how scared Akame was when it came to cleaning her Murasame, but I’ll let it slide, since she is the master of it. Also this is a shounen series and power-ups are the norm!

Akame Murasame Trump Card

Akame used to be a stone cold killer like Esdeath was. She would blindly follow orders, with little remorse for the lives she has taken. Since defecting, she’s come to realize the results of her actions. Families were destroyed, dreams were crushed, and she has to bear the burden of ending another person’s life for the rest of hers. She uses this burden as fuel for reaching her goal. With this passion, she’s able to overpower Esdeath.

Akame ga Kill Episode 24 Reaction Esdeath Defeated

Obviously, Esdeath doesn’t go down without a fight and actually nullifies Akame’s first fatal blow. By severing her own arm, we can see how obsessed she is with battle. You’d think losing an arm would put you at a disadvantage, but she manages to reignite her fighting spirit. In the end, her blood lust leads to her downfall. Relying on her trump card, she tricks herself into a false sense of security, allowing Akame to deal the fatal strike.

Akame ga Kill Ep 24 Synopsis Esdeath Dying with Tatsumi

I found Esdeath’s final move to be on the creepy side. Poor Tatsumi is dead, just let him rest in peace. Instead, she has to run over and take his corpse along with her. He already made it clear that he could never be with someone like her, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to continue the delusion since she’s not longed for this world.

Akame ga Kill Ep 24 Summary Leone Death

The last corrupt member to deal with is Onest. Unfortunately for Leone, she underestimates him and suffers a fatal wound. Either way, the man was a coward and is easily dealt with. I’m disappointed that Leone died because of that, but she at least she managed to see the results of her hard work. Like a cat, she ran away from her friends when she knew her time was up, dying in peace and alone.

The emperor has to go through a public execution. He truly seems to regret what he’s done, and honestly thought he was doing what was right for the capital. Unfortunately, his actions have caused far too much suffering, and they can only begin to rebuild with his death.

Akame ga Kill Anime Review Bols Wife

I found the epilogue to be rather uplifting. We can see the start of a new empire, and a bright future that everyone had sacrificed their lives for. Bols’ family got to live a peaceful life, and Tatsumi’s village can begin to prosper. Even though none of them got to see the fruits of their labor, they all willing died fighting for this future.

Akame ga Kill Night Raid Legacy

Akame, being the last remaining member of Night Raid, decides to take on all of the blame for Night Raid’s faults. Having killed people, they can’t easily win the hearts of everyone, so her sacrifice is necessary. Having lost everyone close to her, there’s nothing left for her in the capital. She sets off on her own, trying to survive. Having taken so many lives, the least she can do is continue living for their sakes.

Akame ga Kill Anime Review

Being adapted from an ongoing series, I can understand that changes were inevitable. There was no ideal moment for them to end the season off unless they strayed from the source. Now I haven’t fully read the manga, but I’m familiar with the changes they made. I’ll just touch on a few subjects that I wanted to discuss and try to keep it short. If you haven’t seen the manga, beware of SPOILERS coming up.

Removing the Wild Hunt Arc

Akame ga Kill Series Review

To be honest, I’m okay that this wasn’t shown. A lot of the members were disgusting, almost as if they were added purely for shock value. Being short on time, they managed to piece the story together decently. My main issue with them skipping this arc though, is the cutting of character development for the Jaegers. With both the Jaegers and Night Raid having a common enemy, we see how they really aren’t that different. Kurome also loses out on a good chunk of character development. We really see how emotionally unstable she is, and how much she cherishes those close to her. Additionally, it makes Shura feel like a filler villain (like the majority of the ones in the series). He gets introduced early on but is dealt with within a short period of time. Rather than growing to hate him, I just saw him as another bad guy.

Character Development

Expanding a bit on my Wild Hunt points, there really was a lack of character development in Akame ga Kill. Aside from a few characters, the majority the cast was introduced and then promptly killed off. Again, some points of character development were cut short (like the Wild Hunt Arc), but it made a lot of deaths feel less impactful.

The Ending

Akame ga Kill Ep 24 Impressions Akame Red Eyes

The last six or so episodes felt a bit rushed to me. Everything escalated quickly and one death snowballed into everyone’s deaths. We didn’t get much time to mourn or sympathize with the fallen characters since we had to move onto the next slaughter. It’s a strange feeling. A lot of the characters’ situations surrounding their death didn’t even click for me. In most anime series, a character like Tatsumi or Mine passing out after a battle, you’d expect to see them in the next episode. Instead, Akame ga Kill actually carried through without mercy.

Akame ga Kill Anime Ending

Even if I wasn’t completely satisfied with how the end of the series was handled, I have to say the final episode left me feeling satisfied. Rather than have an open-ended ending, we reached a conclusive ending for the series. We knew exactly what their goal was within the first episode, and we managed to see it through.

Final Thoughts

Akame ga Kiru Episode 24 Review

Overall, Akame ga Kill definitely kept me entertained for two seasons, and I’ll miss it. Like every series, it had its faults but it also had some moments of brilliance. For an action shounen series, we got plenty of battles, and a darker story than I’m used to. The anime definitely is different from the manga, and I don’t feel that it’s fair to always compare the two. Especially since the anime has chosen to have its own story.

Even though we were presented with a grim world, I think it’s safe to say that we got a happy ending. The ending is bittersweet since we’ve lost so many people along the way, but their dream has become a reality.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, Akame ga Kill was a fun series till the end and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Feel free to share your thoughts on the anime or series as a whole!

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41 thoughts on “Akame ga Kill (END) – Anime Review

  1. That ending, the last part I saw Akame gonna eliminate a group that had a person look really like the emperor, that scene still open some hint..

  2. Well, I had some high hopes for this anime at the beginning, but it was a big let down, mediocre at best. Esdeath was so damn overpowered that seeing akame, who struggled against a weak kurome, going blow for blow with her was… dissapointing. I know the show is titled “akame ga kill” and not “tatsumi ga kill” but the least they could do for the sake of consistency (they killed ALL the good guys!!) is making her last show down with esdeath end with both of them dying. I mean, Leone fights the perverted fatso and is KILLED while Akame goes against death itself and lives? Talk about bad jokes…

    1. Yeah, I didn’t like how they off’d Leone. The stupid minister was such a coward throughout the series and then he gets one last laugh before going down. I guess at that point, they had to make sure Akame was the only one left or else Akame being alive would be less significant.

      It would have been nice to see Tatsumi die in more style. His incursio was pretty cool, but dying to a falling megazoid felt empty to me. Sure he died protecting people, but then again they were just random civilians (they’ve already killed enough of them at this point for me to not care).

      But yeah, I definitely agree with most of your points. Looking at the anime alone, I’d say it was pretty entertaining, but still a generic shounen (with more blood).

    2. yeah i wish they would have ended the show different unless this is not the end and maybe they will have another season where they bring back tatsumi and Leone and a few of the other old gang members with some emperal arms also i don’t like how they killed Leone either and what i did not understand was that she got her arm cut off in one episode then it grew back but then she gets shot with a weak ass pistol then dies an hour later then they kill off the main character like you said even though the name of the show is akeme ga kill yet the show always started and ended with tatsumi every time no that is pretty stupid this was the first anime that i actually got into i fell in love with it, the writer of the show really needs to make another season and bring them back

    3. Plus for the upteenth time it doesn’t matter whose name was in the title, the so called lead never featured as prominently in her own damn series. Plus why bother opening up the story with him appearing first before it’s supposed MC? akame means red eye anyway and that dumb crap about Akame being the lead fit only cuz tatsumi never got his red eye like in the manga in the first place, morons who wrote that script clearly didn’t have a blasted clue as to how to keep let alone write a stinking story. No plot development, no character growth besides the villains no nothing that was even remotely praiseworthy about this lacking anime. Plus the thing i don’t like as a whole about Akame Ga Kill is that the enemy faction gets more promotional bonuses than the heroic side, honestly why do jerkasses get all the bonuses most of the short lived MC’s don’t even gain in prominence let alone ability.

  3. if anybody could help, plz tell me what the song was in the last episode when akame is seen against some people in the desert.

    1. Sorry, I’ve been looking around trying to find it for you, but apparently the OST isn’t being released until February 18th, and March 18th. I can’t remember the song being played at the very end of the episode, but “Fallen Heroes” is the song that came right before the ending song and the scene with Akame in the desert.

  4. The ending was too much for my heart but it was amazing for the best but I hope many other anime can do something different this year or so

  5. Tatsumi survived his fight with the emperor.

    He was fine after the emperor was defeated. He only died because he wanted to save the townspeople from being crushed by the emperor’s teigu. He slowed down the emperor enough to save the people but was crushed instead. This is something Esdeath called ‘weak’. So she never realised that he did it for the people. She sees other people as baggage you shouldn’t think much about. This is obvious when she adresses Akame and mocks her for the same ‘weakness’.

  6. I really dissapointed why everybody die, i mean Tatsumi and another good guys (except Akame and Boss) died unexpectedly *sad*

  7. man the akame ga kill is a awesome than dbz but the can anyone tell the tatsumi is really die i wish he dont die because i like the anime when he still there in espisodes and i still thinking the esdeath is do something with him and he still alive because i see the status about in wiki and he is live and other point the village peoples are waiting for him and friends but anyway i wish and vote him for live lol and i m waiting for new espisodes perphaps tatsumi is live in akame ga kill!

  8. Since Tatsumi dies I guess I can call Akame Ga Kill nothing but trash. I hoped he would survive, but evidently not because the anime creators are complete trash. Goodbye Akame Ga Kill! You and your creators are nothing but complete trash.

  9. But what if there was actually an imperial arms the can travel through time? So in that way it would help save all the of other Night Raid members or everyone back to life or stop the revolution before it begins.

  10. I literally cried. I wanted a second season, and… Well… It’s just been too much for my heart. It was bravely animated and well thought out, but… I just can’t. Can someone tell me a way that I can get over this? The feels…

    1. Yeah, they really should have a season 2 when Tatsumi and the rest of the Night Raid member come back. This Show is AWESOME.


  11. a lot of people are calling this anime utter trash and stuff, but it isn’t. it’s a beautiful anime, combined with action, a bit of romance, and adventure. it’s action, what do you expect? people will die. our endings aren’t always happy endings. tatsumi doesn’t even die, he’s alive in the manga.

    1. People dislike it because the main character is generic, the villians are comically one dimensional and the heroes are routinely killed off with hardly any development. How are we supposed to bond with characters that die before we can really know them? The” romance” is laughable since it’s just Esdeath hopelessly pining after someone who has absolutely no interest in her. Akame Ga kill had the tools to be a fairly good show but it falls disappointingly short of it’s intended goal.

  12. The whole series felt like a knife through the heart, it’s just a butchery, going from kill to kill to kill, until everyone is dead, where all the good guys are killed off, i hoped that at least the main character, Tatsumi, would survive, but no, plus his death was like the death of a completely non-important character, he beat every enemy that had came at him, beat the strongest Imperial Arm, and in the end just died? His full death lasted about a minute? The series was quite promising at first, but i didn’t even bother watching the second half of the last episode, i already read everything here and in the Wikia, i expected a lot more from the series and i am very dissapointed and unsatisfied with the end.

  13. To be honest the anime was good in terms of the fighting scenes,the romance was fairly(or I would say almost getting good) between Mine and Tatsumi I really liked that…But man was it disappointing when mine died it literally killed my love for the anime.But I’m trying to think positive and I’ve have some what if’s.What if Akame actually finds the imperial arms that tatsumi spoke of(bringing the dead back to life).Aww damn please you anime directors do something we were fans and hoping to see you make your mistakes right.

    1. Go fuck your self with your love. Mine was a tiny flat one with a fucking personality.
      I think the best part of anime was Mine s deate.

  14. FuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucK,why this anime had that fucking ending.fuck you akame.
    Fuck that manga writer for killing esdeate and tatsumi,They were a great couple.
    Also damn you tatsumi for not accepting her.

  15. Fuck all the people who think esdeate was a psychopathic woman.
    She was the best female charactor in all anime.
    And akame ga kill ‘ s ending was suck.

  16. They should have a time traveling imperial arms in this show to help save all the of other Night Raid members or everyone back to life or stop the revolution before it begins.

  17. The way this ended has me feeling empty. They really had something going they could have made this one of if not the best of all time if they would had been willing to take the time and write everything out
    I think in the end mine should have survived but been injured (not badly) and then her and tatsumi could of had a child together then it could haved ended happy or even kept going with season two being about the two of them or even their child after he or she grew up. he or she could of met the other members of knight raid (some not all) or their kids this could have been great but they royaly fucked this up and it makes me sad to think of what could of been

  18. I feel as if this show was promising and like was said before, wasn’t perfect but had it’s good and bad moments. However my one grievance with the show ( well, it’s more than one but still ) was that they go through such great lengths to show that The Emperor is being manipulated…and then he gets killed anyways and treated like one the villians when they’d basically spent the whole series saying that it wasn’t His Majesty’s fault but the Prime Minister’s. I get that they tried to make his death seem noble — that he was shouldering the blame and accepting responsibility because HE’s the Emperor and all that, but it just seemed to be kind of in there for no reason than to add to the body count.

  19. No one should be dead they should comeback that’s how anime works always have a turn of events…guys the characters are awesome they deserve to live again and only one important caharacter should die….just like jiraya in Naruto…..this is my opinion

  20. I’m very late to the party on this, apologies. Also, needed somewhere to vent since nobody I know watches anime. 😛

    I really enjoyed this anime, and the ending has me mostly satisfied. I don’t like it when characters I like die, but it is what it is. I’ve consoled myself that Tatsumi and Mine are together in the afterlife (Akame ga Kill! Theater, Episode 24), and I’m okay with that.

    That said, the way Leone died bothers the hell out of me. After everything she’s done.. to die in an alley way like that? I get she wanted to choose when and where to die; but no man, that just sits wrong with me.

    End of venting. 🙂

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