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Akame ga Kill Episode 3 – More Slaughter!

The episode starts off with Night Raid taking on another small mission. We get introduced to the remaining members’ weapons and specialties. Each member wields an imperial arm that grants them additional abilities on top of their fighting prowess. Tatsumi appears to be the only member who uses an ordinary sword for his fights.

Akame ga kill ep 3 review Bulat incursio

Bulat continues to be the most open member to Tatsumi. He makes sure that he’s approachable and tries his best to steer Tatsumi in the right direction. Despite how kind he is, he’s still as quick to kill as the other members, showing no signs of hesitation to slaughter the opposing forces.

Lubbock Akame ga kill anime ep 3

Their mission continues to show how dangerous their world is, as it’s either kill or be killed during these missions. They kill without hesitation and don’t show remorse for their actions. Even though these henchmen may just be following their orders, the fact that they don’t act on their own will means that they don’t deserve any mercy from Night Raid. Even the girl who was caught by Lubbock received no mercy despite not posing much of a threat in her state. She plead for her life and likely could not have retaliated, but they don’t want to take the risk (risk the chance of being poisoned).

Akame ga kill Mine angry

Tatsumi is put under Mine’s tutelage and we get to see more of her character. She shows a lot of tough love by teasing and being cold to others, while still showing that she has a heart at moments. She couldn’t stand seeing the refugee being bullied and took action. However, she gave her a cold shoulder when she wanted to show her appreciation because she’d never survive in this world with an attitude like that.

Akame ga kill imperial emperor

Now that we’re back within the capital, we continue to see how corrupted it is. The emperor is just a child who is fed commands by the minister. Anyone who gets in their way is killed which makes it impossible for people within the capital to rebel. The fear that is instilled onto them makes them agree to their every command, which makes them ineligible for sympathy from Night Raid.

Akame ga kill Zank the beheader

At the end of the episode, we’re introduced to (potentially) the first “real” threat of Night Raid. Thus far, they’ve only dealt with ordinary army members, who didn’t stand a chance against their imperial arms. Now we have a psychotic imperial arm user on the loose within the city, so we’ll see how much of a threat he poses to them in the future.

You can watch Akame ga Kill episode 3 on Crunchyroll (available a week after airing to free users)


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