Akame ga Kill Episode 6 – Justice!

The next mentor on the list for Tatsumi is none other than Leone! Despite her being the one who recruited Tatsumi in the first place, she hasn’t actually guided him thus far. Like the rest of Night Raid, Leone does her job because she cares about people. While she can’t save anyone, the least she can do is eliminate those who are controlling the weak and give them the opportunity to save themselves.

Akame ga Kill episode 6 blog Seryuu

After Leone and Tatsumi’s easy mission, we get on to the real part of the show. Seryuu makes an appearance and completely changes my opinion on her character. She has a strong sense of justice, but that is also one of her biggest weaknesses. Since she’ll do whatever she thinks is right, she was easily manipulated by the Capital as well as Ogre. She’s also completely fixated on the idea of revenge and wants to avenge her father & Ogre, without even considering why they were targeted.

Akame ga kill ep 6 Seryuu

In my previous post, I kind of sympathized with Seryuu, but now I see that she’s just a lunatic. Ogre didn’t have any redeeming qualities, he saw a naive girl and turned her into a weapon. I thought that maybe he had some kindness to him since Seryuu respected him so much. Seryuu doesn’t think for herself and is completely brainwashed by the Capital.

Akame ga Kill Mine

As we saw from Zank’s battle, you need an Imperial Arm to fight one, and that when they clash, it always results in death. The living Imperial Arms seem significantly stronger than the weapons. Coro can operate on his own and is nearly impossible to kill, especially when he transforms. Sheele and Mine are outmatched despite being at a numbers advantage (not counting Coro as a separate entity). Mine has a difficult time handling Coro considering she specializes in ranged scenarios while Coro goes berserk.

Akame ga Kill Sheele killed

Seeing Seryuu show no mercy to Night Raid whereas Sheele intervened to save Mine makes me wonder who’s the real monster here. If Sheele only cared about their mission, she could have just finished off Seryuu and be done with it. Instead, she decides to protect those she cares about and ends up sacrificing herself for it.

Akame ga Kill Sheele death

We only just got to know Sheele in the previous episode, but her death was still powerful. She’s never had a place that she could call home, until she joined Night Raid. With no real purpose in life, she was just happy to have found a “family”. I think this is why it was fitting for her character to be the first to go. She never really cared about herself, but she’d do anything for those she loves.

Akame episode 6 review Tatsumi

The members of Night Raid already know the dangers they face in their line of work. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of their members has bit the dust, yet they’re all mourning Sheele’s death. It’s never easy to lose someone close to you, no matter how battle hardened you become. The only thing they can do, is continue living on and fighting for the cause that Sheele believed in. Bulat quickly puts Tatsumi in his place as well when he begins to act up. Everyone is hurting, but they can’t succumb to their emotions.

Akame ga Kill esdeath return

Sheele’s death served as a rude awakening that this isn’t just a group of kids playing superheroes. With Esdeath’s arrival, one can only assume that this is just the beginning of their troubles as she enters the battlefield.

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