Akame ga Kill anime ep 7 review

Akame ga Kill Episode 7 – What is Love?

Esdeath has returned to the capital and with an odd request for the Minister. After spilling the guts of people, she’s had the sudden realization that she want’s to fall in love (go figure). It seems like she has an unusual sense of what love is, believing that the person has to meet specific requirements.

Akame ga Kill episode 7 Review

Esdeath is rather simple minded. Up until now, she’s only cared about facing strong opponents. Despite being the most feared person within the capital, she has no desire to take the throne for herself. When she’s not killing, she enjoys the simplest things, such as eating sweets. Even though she may not be the most mentally stable person, she seems to care for her men (wanting to reward them after their mission).

Akame ga Kill anime review

As expected, Akame and the rest of Night Raid are still coming to terms with Sheele’s death. Tatsumi being the big mouth that he is, causes Akame to break down. She’s kept up her usual act where she’s a bit of an airhead and lacks emotions. But, this whole time, she’s been hurting. No matter how many deaths you see, if you lose someone close to you, it’ll always be painful.

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Night Raid is a bit reckless when they choose to purposely take Esdeath’s bait. They’re not taking the bait in order to clear their names. Their strong sense of justice is what causes them to act. Rather than sit idly while Esdeath’s crew thins out their numbers, they choose to act now.

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Something that bothers me is what Akame said earlier on in the series. That they have to fight flawlessly since even the smallest wound could be fatal (due to poison). Yet here we have Tatsumi getting sliced up twice in a row now (Zank and Daidara). He fights far too recklessly, despite not being a match for other Imperial Arm users.


I have to admit that the pacing of this episode felt a bit rushed for me. There was a lot of fading out and into the next scene. It made the episode a bit choppy and some parts a bit harder to follow. Bulat’s story also seemed a bit forced. It just so happened that they had to introduce this general from his past, right before he has to face him. There was just so much going on this episode, and I wish they slowed it down a bit so I could process everything that happened.

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On the bright side though, Bulat fighting a man he once respected will be interesting. The General refused to give in to the corruption in the past, yet he’s serving Esdeath and the Minister now. I’m curious how Bulat will react to this. He’s always kept an iron will, but this was his superior who has fought alongside him. Maybe he’ll have a good read on Bulat since he should be familiar with his fighting style.

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