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Akame ga Kill Episode 8 – Aniki!

Continuing from last week, Tatsumi is still helpless fighting against Imperial Arm users in his current state. It’s up to Bulat to take on three users on his own. While Bulat is definitely strong, he’s matched up against an old comrade who knows him inside and out.

Esdeath Akame ga Kill

Both Bulat and Liver despise the corruption within the capital, yet Liver is serving the minister. Liver sees things differently though. After being wronged by the minister, Esdeath approached him and gave him a new purpose in life. Even though they carry out missions for the government, he works for Esdeath, and not the minister. Even though she works for the minister as well, they don’t have any control over her since she holds all the leverage.

Akame ga Kill anime ep 8 review

Bulat, on the other hand, wants to bring change to the world. Liver reprogrammed the way he thinks about his life. He sees himself serving Esdeath only, even though she works for the capital. While she has full control over the city, he’s still working towards the same goals as the capital. Bulat can’t agree to that lifestyle, and refuses to side with them.

Bulat Dying Akame ga Kill

The two sides clash, and end up being evenly matched. Liver was given power by Esdeath, while Bulat put himself through immense training in order to fight for what he believed in. Something that wasn’t really noted on earlier, are the downsides to using an Imperial Arm. In these high caliber fights, we’re seeing the users putting high amounts of stress on their bodies to wield them. Even though the weapons seem completely overpowered, there is a downside to them.

Akame episode 8

The deaths of the first two members of Night Raid definitely hit Tatsumi hard. Sheele and Bulat were like an older sister and brother to him. Sheele comforted him in his moments of weakness, while Bulat was someone he could aspire to be like. Bulat helped guide Tatsumi by training him and teaching him how he should live.

Akame ga Kill episode 8 Discussion

With Bulat’s dying wish, he passes on the Incursio to Tatsumi. Hopefully, Tatsumi is ready to take on the capital. Up until now, he’s been battling with his dinky little sword. He’s been able to hold his own, but when facing Imperial Arm users, he hasn’t stood a chance. His mentors have trained him well, and now that they’re gone, it’s time for him to pick up the reigns and perhaps train new members in the future.

Akame ga Kill Kurome

Kurome makes a brief appearance at the end of this arc. She seems to be quite different from Akame. Kurome is full of emotions, and gives off the impression of being a psychopath. She appears to find pleasure in killing and is likely corrupted given her upbringing.

Akame ga Kill Kurome Background

I’m not really sure how faithfully Akame ga Kill is being adapted, but I can’t help but feel that the villains are a little lackluster so far. Out of the three beasts, only Liver was given any background information. The other two, were killed within mere seconds. Despite being major threats, we don’t really know anything about them which makes their deaths no more significant than a nameless guard. They’ve several key threats at this point though, so here’s to hoping they have better character development.

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