Akame ga Kill Episode 9 Review Mine Leone Akame

Akame ga Kill Episode 9 – The Jaegers

After what happened last episode, I was expecting a more somber atmosphere after what happened to Bulat. When Sheele died, everyone gathered and briefly mourned whereas they didn’t have the same for Bulat. I guess Tatsumi had that covered in the previous episode, and we’ve already seen how Night Raid handles death within the family. Everyone is more motivated to ensure that their fallen comrades did not die in vain. Akame ga Kill ep 9 review Tatsumi With their numbers dwindling, they need new blood within Night Raid. Sheele and Bulat were senior members who were sort of like the older brother and sister within the group. They helped guide Tatsumi (and presumably other new recruits) in the right direction. Now that they’re gone, it’s up to Tatsumi to fill their shoes and make sure that the new members adjust. Esdeath Akame ga Kill ep 9 Esdeath, while a little crazy, still does appreciate the work that her men do. She treats her soldiers well, and mourns their deaths like anyone else would. Esdeath is really obsessed with power and strength. She lives to battle, and seeks out strong opponents for a thrill. She pities her fallen soldiers since they can’t help it that they were weak, but she values what they have done for her. Akame ga Kill anime ep 9 discussion Wave Seeing the assembling of the Jaegers was interesting. Seeing things from Wave’s perspective reminded me a lot of how Tatsumi was when he first came to the capital.He has a similar personality with Tatsumi as well. A goofy kid, coming to the big city with hopes and dreams. Their roles could have easily been reversed if they had been put in the others’ shoes. Akame ga Kill Jaegers The Jaegers draw a lot of similarities to Night Raid. They aren’t necessarily evil, rather, they just fight for what they believe in. Kurome is almost a mirror image to Akame, except Kurome doesn’t seem to be interested in her comrades whatsoever. Bols seems like a mentor to Wave. The other members are quirky in their own way just like Night Raid. Esdeath in Love Akame ga Kill Tatsumi has grown a lot since joining Night Raid. He’s improved physically and mentally. He’s able to take out these “strong” opponents without unnecessary or flashy movements. Tatsumi has also become much better at analyzing situations and not letting his emotions get the better of him. Of course, with these minor improvements, he also happens to fit all of Esdeath’s criteria for her ideal lover. Esdeath and Tatsumi Akame anime Even though Esdeath wanted to fall in love, she’s still a strong (and formerly independent) woman. Given her sadistic tendencies, she’d rather keep complete control in the relationship. Poor Tatsumi was just stepping up and filling in Bulat shoes, and now he’s being reduced to Esdeath’s plaything.

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