Black Bullet episode 1 review

Black Bullet Episode 1 – Thoughts

I guess the second show that I’ll be trying to cover on a weekly basis will be Black Bullet. I’ve been pretty excited for this series after watching the previews and seeing the cast line up. I thought that the visuals and animation were decent, if not slightly better than most shows currently airing. In addition to that, I’m really enjoying the soundtrack of the show and it seems to fit the mood of the show perfectly.

Black Bullet first impressions young rentarou

The series opens with a sort of prologue to the story. When Rentarou was a child, the world had been taken over by Gastrea. The world had been plunged into chaos and people were struggling to survive. I thought that this was a pretty good set up for the atmosphere of the series. However, fast forward to present day, civilization seems to be on their feet again with people living what appears to be normal lives. Even with the threat of Gastrea still being a factor, humanity seems rather calm and living as if everything is normal.

Black Bullet Rentarou vs Kagetane

The first half of the episode served as an introduction to the world of Black Bullet. While things have stabilized, Gastrea are still managing to infect humans and spreading the pandemic. On top of that, a villain has been introduced off the bat, although not much has been revealed about him. All we know is that he wants to destroy the world but his motivations and identity remain unclear at this point. While Gastrea are certainly wreaking havoc on humanity, humans have managed to develop tools to fight against the invasion. The encounter with the Gastrea kind of served as a way for the show to explain these aspects. As a result, some moments sounded a bit cheesy with Rentarou and other characters going in depth with their explanations regarding things such as the black bullets, cursed children, etc.

Black Bullet episode 1 Enju

The second half of the episode is a lot more laid back and almost feels as if the series is a romantic comedy. While I find it a bit weird since it’s such a big contrast in mood from the first half of the episode, I can see why they went with this route. It gives them an opportunity to introduce the characters and allow the viewers to get a feel on what their personalities are like. While they’re running their own agency, Rentarou and Kisara are still just kids at heart which can be seen in how they interact with each other. Rentarou’s been thrown into a situation where he lost most of his childhood (or so it seems) by losing his parents at such a young age and still hasn’t come to terms with it yet. I also feel some sympathy for Enju’s character. While she seems to be a happy-go-lucky girl, her fate was basically decided for her before even being born. By being a cursed child, she lost her parents as well (I’m assuming based on the information) and is forced to fight against the Gastrea despite being a child. However, by being paired up with Rentarou, she’s able to experience the life of a normal child by going to school and living in a caring environment.

Black Bullet Rentarou and Enju

Overall, I’d say I enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t quite what I expected but I actually didn’t mind the comedic moments too much. I’m hoping that as the series continues, it doesn’t focus too much on their school lives but more on the crisis at hand. I would have thought that Rentarou would have a more serious attitude considering his past and what he’s been through. The number of episodes hasn’t been confirmed yet but I’m really hoping that it’s two-cour. While this episode was quite an info dump, there are still so many things that need to be addressed on top of the actual plot progression. Enju’s past, and Rentarou’s past with Kisara’s family are among some of the things I’d like more details on. Regardless, Black Bullet seems to have a lot of potential but we’ll have to see how it all pans out as the series progresses.

You can watch Black Bullet episode 1 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions, free users have to wait a week after the original airing)


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