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After several weeks of set up, we finally get some action. Rentarou’s adjuvant separates from the rest of the squad. While they’re having a field day, the rest of the fodder characters get destroyed by the Gastrea invasion. While I don’t really care for the deaths of those characters, there was something haunting about their squad leader. Just minutes ago, he was making commands to fight against the Gastrea, and now here he is, driven completely mad and lost the will to live. After seeing how helpless they were against Aldebaran, he gives up resisting their inevitable doom.

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After Aldebaran flees, we get a bit of a cool down period with some cuteness to lighten the mood. Enju’s back to her old self despite what happened to her friends in the previous episode. It’s a bit weird that she’s seemingly over the tragedy but given their circumstances, I can see why it isn’t on her mind. Enju has such a bright personality, seeing her comfort the patients was heart warming. She comforted those in need despite being quite shaken herself.

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One of the things I’m disappointed with at this point, is the lack of screen time for the other two pairs in the ajuvant. Katagiri and Shouma were recruited into the ajuvant specifically by Rentarou despite him having some high standards. We don’t really know anything else about these two pairs aside from a bit of their personalities. Shouma had a mysterious history yet it was completely brushed off and not touched on at all. Katagiri was recruited and then cast aside and serves as some sort of comedic relief.

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Rentarou is punished for disobeying orders earlier on. He’s forced to fight the second Gastrea on his own even though it’d be a guaranteed death (at least for non-main characters). It seems senseless to send men off to die for no reason, but it’s clear that the higher ups have their own agenda. Rentarou made the right call and managed to save the lives of his own squad. However, the general cares little about it and decides to punish Rentarou regardless (either to advance the plot or corruption of power).

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As Rentarou is having a close encounter with death, he’s saved by none other than Kagetane and Kohina. I’m not too sure how I feel about them being able to sit down and have a conversation after all that’s happened. I’m also curious as to how he reunited with Kohina, considering she was taken into custody after his defeat. I don’t think this will be explained considering the amount of episodes left and the pacing issues that have plagued the series.

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Regardless, Kagetane continues to take an interest in Rentarou. It seems like Kagetane is familiar with the corruption within the political leaders and has acted on his own because of that. This is probably why he’s taken such an interest in Rentarou as well. While Rentarou hasn’t pieced together everything yet, his views will likely align with Kagetane once he learns the truth. Perhaps that’s why he’s so certain that Rentarou will come to his side someday.

You can watch Black Bullet episode 11 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions, free users have to wait a week after the original airing)


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