Black Bullet Episode 5 – Thoughts

The overall mood of this episode was a lot more light-hearted compared to the recent ones. They threw in a couple more explanations on how Rentarou gets his ammo/weapons by bringing Miori into the story. I don’t really think they needed to explain it since I’d assume his employer would provide him with the tools necessary to perform his job. I’m not really complaining though since it gave Kisara some more screen time. Speaking of Kisara, she’s actually seems pretty skilled at combat which makes me wonder why she hasn’t gotten a chance to fight yet. Maybe now that they’ve shown us that she’s capable of using techniques similar to Rentarou, she’ll enter the front lines in the near future.

Rentarou Black Bullet episode 5

Rentarou’s assigned as Seitenshi’s primary bodyguard. I’m curious to know if Takuto (head of bodyguards) had any malicious intent for wanting to be Seitenshi’s primary guard. It all happened pretty quickly and he was ready to use force to get Rentarou to back down. Perhaps it’s just him getting jealous since it’s finally his moment to shine and some kid is taking it away from him. I’m leaning towards the latter since he didn’t appear to make any significant appearances throughout the rest of the episode.

Tina Sprout Black Bullet episode 5

After the confrontation, we’re introduced to another cursed child, Tina Sprout. I guess she’s here to help fill the void left by Kayo. Even though she’s been sent on an assassination mission, she seems to be enjoying the little time she spent interacting with Rentarou. He seems to just have that affect with other cursed children. Rentarou is probably one of the few people within the Tokyo area who actually treats them as normal people (even though he didn’t know she was a cursed child originally). She doesn’t appear to be as corrupted as Kohina was and is just following the orders given to her (similar to Kayo).

Seitenshi Black Bullet

I enjoyed Seitenshi’s scenes in this episode. Her opinions and views differ greatly from the other representatives of Japan. Unlike the others, Seitenshi actually cares about the people and the future of the nation. She’s passionate in her ideals and wants to bring unity among Japan once again. Even though humanity’s main enemy is the Gastrea, there’s still tension and conflict amongst themselves. It almost seems as if the humans are a greater threat than the Gastrea at this point. Humanity has already developed tools to deal with them. However, Gastrea has already weakened the state of many nations and the leaders are using it to their advantage. The first nation to exterminate the Gastrea will be able to begin rebuilding and also have leverage on other nations by aiding them.

Black Bullet episode 5 Aihara Enju embarassed

I think overall this episode was a needed breather considering how action packed the last few were. Even though the scenes jumped around a lot, they managed to give some time for us to become more familiar with a few characters. I think my main criticism for episode 5 would have to be the animation. There were several instances this episode where the character’s faces looked really off or their mouths would be moving at the wrong time while speaking. Specifically, around the 16 minute mark, the way Rentarou and Seitenshi were walking was kind of distracting. I guess a lot of budget and resources were put into the previous episode so it’s not too shocking for some drop in quality.

You can watch Black Bullet episode 5 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions, free users have to wait a week after the original airing)


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2 thoughts on “Black Bullet Episode 5 – Thoughts

  1. I like the show, but my main problem is that it just moves way too fast compared to the manga, there’s some important character developments that were skipped.

    1. Definitely, I still find the show to be entertaining but all the stuff they skipped over really irks me. I haven’t read the manga/LN yet but will probably get to it after it’s finished airing just to get the full picture.

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