Black Bullet Episode 6 – Thoughts

The mood of the show shifted pretty quickly after what happened last episode. Everyone’s gone back to their regular lives as if the attack didn’t phase them at all. I enjoyed Rentarou and Tina’s meeting. Her interactions with Rentarou was a form of escape for her. She’s had a rough childhood and is forced to be a soldier. However, when she’s with Rentarou, she’s able to be spoiled and act like a child. She gets to experience what it’s like to be a normal person, even if its only briefly. The second she has to answer the phone call, she’s back to being a “weapon”.

Black Bullet Kisara Tendou

They took things slower this episode, which was needed. Kisara, Miori, and Muroto got some screen time to flesh out their characters a bit more. There wasn’t too much in the Kisara and Miori scene (aside from comic relief). However, we learn a bit more about Muroto and her background. I think this is their way of laying down the foundation for the overall goal of the series (probably beyond the anime adaptation). While we currently have a conflict with Saitake probably being behind everything at the moment, the three named by Muroto will likely come into play in the future.

Black Bullet Tina Sprout

The fight scene between Tina, Satomi, and Kisara was rather short lived but still pretty good nonetheless. Even Kisara didn’t stand much of a chance against a cursed child despite being well trained in Tendo techniques. Tina still holds on to her humanity as she’s hesitant to pull the trigger on Kisara. She’s not a killing machine like Kohina was and seems to be in a similar situation as Kayo. She kept her “human life” separate from her duties as a soldier. However, once she’s face to face with Rentarou and realizes that he’s one of the people she must kill, She doesn’t know what to do at this point and decides to flee to recollect her thoughts.

Black Bullet Enju playing

Kisara and Rentarou have some alone time where we get to learn a bit more of her past. She seems to want to distance herself from her family name (presumably her grandfather) which is what drives her forward. I thought her invitation to hand holding was a little awkward and out of place, that is until Enju showed up and actually made me laugh. It also served as a nice segue to get back to the matter at hand.

Black Bullet Tina Sprout phone

Overall, I thought that this episode had much better pacing than the earlier episodes. They actually ended on a cliffhanger and set the mood for the ending well with Enju’s status being unknown. I liked the visuals for the new opening but felt that they were a bit spoilerish by showing Tina’s scenes in it. We got a glimpse of a few other pairs of initiators and promoters which will hopefully be covered with the rest of the adaptation.

You can watch Black Bullet episode 6 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions, free users have to wait a week after the original airing)



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