Black Bullet Episode 7 – Thoughts

Okay, so last episode actually ended on a “cliffhanger” (it’s in quotations because the OP kind of spoiled a lot). This starts off right after Tina answers Enju’s phone. Tension and suspense is high as we wonder what happened to Enju. As soon as the OP finishes playing, we see that she’s safe and being treated. They did explain what happened on the scene, but all the suspense they had built up kind of fizzles out.

Satomi Rentarou Black Bullet

I’m not sure if it’s the writing of the source material or just how they’re handling the adaptation that seems off. There are a lot of intriguing moments like Rentarou’s interactions with Muroto makes me want to know more about their world. Then there are other moments (like the training scene) where it makes me wonder why they put the scene in. I get that they wanted to explain the special properties about his eye but it seemed unnecessary in the given situation. Enju is in “critical” condition and Rentarou needs to stop Tina, but first he has to get a reading on his power level.

Tina Sprout Black Bullet episode 7

The fight scene between Rentarou and Tina was entertaining to watch. Both sides weren’t trying to actually kill the other. Rentarou wanted to save Tina since he knew she didn’t have any other option. Tina didn’t want to kill Rentarou because he showed her what it was like to be a kid and cared for. Rentarou seemed to be pretty out of it towards the end of the fight, but then he suddenly gets a burst of motivation and defeats Tina. I’m a bit confused how he managed to pull it off in his condition but the rest of the scene played out well. The music along with Rentarou and Tina looking into the future made me feel relieved.

Seitenshi Black Bullet

Of course, that doesn’t last too long because Mr. Yasuwaki, who’s been a prick this entire time, finally acts. They’ve been setting him up as a hostile character for a while and he’s finally made his move. There doesn’t seem to be much to his character though. He’s obsessed with his position with Seitenshi and just wants to maintain it. The whole conclusion to the situation seemed ridiculous and out of place. Yasuwaki just committed a crime and then Seitenshi walks in saying Rentarou’s rank has now been raised. If Rentarou and Seitenshi are friends, and she has all of the power, why can’t she just give him the information? Instead she makes him do all these jobs/tasks when at the end of the day, all she has to do is say his rank has now increased. I guess it just seemed like an anti-climatic way to end this arc.

I don’t want to harp on the series too much since it’s difficult to adapt so much within one season only. However, I don’t think the studio is doing a good job at directing action based episodes. Episode 7 and 4 (Rentarou defeating Kagetane) had the most issues with pacing. These episodes jumped around different scenes and affected the overall atmosphere of the episode.

I also wanted to point out, while I think the soundtrack is great, they tend to overuse several songs. The track that often played when Kagetane appeared (the one that gives off a feeling of despair) is being used in almost every situation. They played it again in this episode while Rentarou was completing his training. It makes the track seem less impactful when it’s overused.

Black Bullet Kisara Enju Tina

On the bright side, Tina officially joins the main cast which should provide us with more romcom antics (not a bad thing in my opinion!). Hopefully we’ll get more into the other pairs that were teased at in the OP without rushing the story any more.

You can watch Black Bullet episode 7 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions, free users have to wait a week after the original airing)


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