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While there wasn’t too much progression in the story, we did get some needed character development in this episode. This episode managed to balance comedy and develop characters’ stories in a more natural way (at least in my opinion). I was a bit nitpicky about how Black Bullet had handled their introductions/explanations of concepts and characters but I was actually impressed with this episode.

Scared Tina Sprout Muroto

The episode starts off with more screen time for Tina as she visits Muroto with Rentarou. Tina is still insecure about herself. Prior to meeting Rentarou, she only had one purpose in her life which was to be a tool for Ayn. Rentarou’s given her a new life and she’s happier than ever. However, she doesn’t want to be a burden to those she cares about and questions whether its alright for her to stay with them.

Rentarou Muroto watch black bullet episode 9

Muroto basically says what most viewers likely have on their minds regarding Rentarou’s growing loli-harem and Tina being a crucial element to it.  While Muroto’s character brings some comedic value to the scenes as she teases Rentarou, she’s able to also show us more to Rentarou’s character. Rentarou is so attracted to the cursed children due to their innocence. In a world that is so messed up, he takes an interest in these girls. Just how they’re able to be so carefree despite being afflicted with a dangerous virus. While the world may be cruel to them, he knows that they’re just like normal humans if they were to be given equal treatment.

We’re also teased a bit more about the secret behind the world. Rentarou’s been given access to additional information since ranking up. From the files, it seems like the government has been involved in it but the details are yet to be available.

Online Black Bullet episode 9 Midori Fuse Shouma

Afterwards, we’re introduced to another pair who end up joining forces with Rentarou. Shouma and his initiator Midori join Rentarou’s team/loli-harem. It seems like Rentarou has a great deal of respect for Shouma and looks up to him like an older brother. However, Shouma suddenly disappeared from his life. While he states he wasn’t suited for that life, it makes me wonder if it had more to do with the head of the Tendou head. Regardless, we did not get a resolution on the murdered pair this episode and Shouma didn’t show any knowledge of the situation. It seemed a bit suspicious but perhaps it’ll be relevant in the future.

Black Bullet episode 9 review Tendou Kisara Blushing

Kisara is the last member to join Rentarou’s squad along with Tina. Kisara is stepping up from being a powerless girl that Rentarou must protect. Hopefully in this arc, we’ll get to witness some of Kisara’s abilities since she’s been training alongside Rentarou since they were young. The two have a history together but we never really got a chance to learn about it. Perhaps it’s time for them to address it, especially now they have another person they grew up with in the scene.

You can watch Black Bullet episode 9 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions, free users have to wait a week after the original airing)


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