Fall 2013 Anime Leftovers – Thoughts #2

We’re past the halfway point for all the Fall 2013 anime season and boy did they really kick things off for their second halves. I really enjoyed all the episodes that aired for the continuing series this past week and felt that they’re building up to the series climax now. This week I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Nagi no Asukara episode 15, Tokyo Ravens episode 14, Golden Time episode 14, and Kill la Kill episode 14.

Nagi no Asukara

nagi no asukara episode 15 hikari

Another amazing episode that really managed to capture Hikari’s, Miuna’s and Chisaki’s thoughts on the events that just occurred. Hikari tries to act like the same person he was prior to his hibernation but he’s still clearly coming to terms with the fact that everything and everyone around him has changed. Everyone else had time to accept and move on from the past events where the sea people were lost. However, that memory is still fresh in Hikari’s mind since it was basically just yesterday for him. At the end of the episode, Hikari finally accepts that the world has changed and that he too has to move forward and embrace the change rather than sulk around.

nagi no asukara episode 15 miuna

I really enjoyed Miuna’s narration for the past few episodes since the series has been more focused on her after the time skip. She’s relieved that the Hikari she loved is still the same and that she’s now caught up to him (in age). What she didn’t realize though is that she wasn’t considering how he felt at all. While she thought it was good that they were the same age, she didn’t realize how out of place he felt in the world. His classmates are all adults now who are working or starting families, and his closest friends (minus Chisaki) were all missing so he didn’t have anyone he could relate to. After Miuna realizes this she goes off to help Hikari find his way by waving the flag. She’s now aiming to play more of a supportive role for Hikari rather than looking up to him and relying on him like she did when she was younger.

nagi no asukara episode 15 chisaki

Chisaki was another person who had to deal with change. She wanted their group of friends to remain the way they were forever, but realistically that can’t be achieved since change is natural. As a result of her fear of change, she’s too afraid to see Hikari again since she feels that while he may be the same, she’s no longer the same as she was 5 years ago. Change is often a thing that people dislike since it takes them out of their comfort zone and everyone copes with it differently. She’s afraid of how Hikari will react now that she’s aged much more than he has and after so much time has passed. She’s relieved in the end when she realizes that Hikari is still the same as he always was and that he still treats her the same way as well. Even though they’re experiencing change all around them, some things never change such as the fact that they grew up together

You can watch Nagi no Asukara on Crunchyroll (May not be available in all regions)

Tokyo Ravens

tokyo ravens harutora touji natsume

I thought I’d just give some of my general thoughts on the series as a whole since I don’t usually have much to say about it on an episodic basis. While the series has good animation, soundtrack, I feel that the character development is really lacking. For a shounen series, you’d kind of expect Harutora to have some hidden power and gradually progress and become stronger as the series goes on. All we’ve really seen at the moment are these other characters like the divine generals doing all the work in the fights. These past two episodes with Douman making his move, we haven’t really seen Harutora do anything which makes him feel like an insignificant character overall. I’m hoping that this will change in the near future since there’s only another 10 episodes for the series and I still haven’t seen Harutora progress at all.

With that said, I still did enjoy the slice of life style episodes since they were entertaining and did help build some of the character relationships. It’s just that I find it a little hard to follow when we have such a long laid back period and then we’re suddenly thrown into serious action/battles.

You can watch Tokyo Ravens on Funimation (may not be available in all regions)

Golden Time

golden time episode 14 kouko chinami

The episode had some nice development between Kouko and Chinami’s relationship. It always irked me a little at how cold Kouko was to her for such a silly reason (which shouldn’t even be relevant now that she’s no longer after Mitsuo). Before, the only person she really had in her life was Banri (and Mitsuo before) since she doesn’t have the best social skills or human interactions. She’s able to open up to Chinami about some of the things she can’t go to Banri about which is a huge step in her character development.

golden time episode 14 mitsuo linda

We also discover that Linda and Mitsuo have been getting closer as of late. While a lot of people prefer Linda and Banri being together, I feel that its a good for them overall. Banri and Linda had more of a sibling relationship in the past. After the accident, Linda kind of looked over Banri but now that he has Kouko, she can feel more at ease with him and move on in her life as well. The Banri she may have loved in the past is gone while the new Banri is still a close friend and like a younger sibling who she watches over. It’d make sense if Linda and Mitsuo are able to enter a relationship now that the two people they were watching over (Banri and Kouko) no longer really need them since they have each other.

You can watch Golden Time on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)

Kill la Kill

kill la kill episode 14 ryuuko

War has begun for Satsuki and she seems to be making good progress on her conquest. Ryuuko on the other hand has found her resolve after being defeated by Nui and goes off to reunite with Senketsu. Previously, she relied far too much on Senketsu’s strength in order to win fights and as a result she did not have the strength to protect him. With her new found resolve to rescue her friend, Ryuuko is able to make quick work of all the fodder characters and reclaim all of the pieces except for one which Satsuki holds on to. The creator’s have previously stated that the next episode will be the climax which makes sense since they’ve set up the confrontation between the two of them. I’m hoping for an all out battle between the two before Ragyou, Nui, and the Nudist Beach come into play and have a heavy influence as we head towards the end.

You can watch Kill la Kill on Crunchyroll or Daisuki (may not be available in all regions)

That wraps up another week of Fall 2013 anime for me! In addition to these series, Samurai Flamenco seems to be be picking up a bit with the recent episode and the “all out attack” coming from the aliens. Strike the Blood seems to be building up to the climax of the current arc as well with Kojou confronting Yuuma face to face. Next week will likely be another amazing week for these Fall 2013 shows which I’m looking forward to!


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