Fall 2013 Anime Leftovers – Thoughts #3

Another week of the Fall 2013 anime series have gone by and things have gotten quite interesting with some plot development and twists. I’ll be keeping this post short this week due to me being a little short on time and will only be covering my thoughts on Nagi no Asukara episode 16, Golden Time episode 15, and Kill la Kill episode 15.

Nagi no Asukara

nagi no asukara episode 16 miuna hikari

This episode didn’t impress me as much as the other recent ones but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. It was a bit slower paced which I don’t mind since the past two episodes were quite packed with emotions. Miuna had been kind of keeping a distance from Hikari since his awakening but since she found her resolve last episode, she’s been treating him more like a friend or equal. However, she wasn’t secure about being alone with Hikari which lead to her convincing Sayu to come along as a third wheel. From this episode, I felt that Hikari still treats Miuna the same as he always had, as his niece that he always teased despite them being the same age now. Even though Miuna wants them to be something more, it doesn’t feel like Hikari sees her the same way at the moment which is only natural for him.

nagi no asukara episode 16 miuna ena

The end of the episode was pretty interesting. Miuna’s suddenly gained ena and can now breathe underwater. With this, she’s another step closer to reaching Hikari since the age gap has closed and she can now live the same way he lives. With the ena though, I’m curious whether she’d need to rehydrate every so often like the other sea people have to. Kaname’s awakening was also revealed at the end which will likely stir up some drama within the cast due to the way things ended off prior to the time skip.

You can watch Nagi no Asukara on Crunchyroll (May not be available in all regions)

Golden Time

golden time episode 15 kouko chinami banri

Kouko and Banri finally get to go on their trip to the beach that they had been talking about for a while now. However, it seems that nothing is going right for them as they get hit with delay after delay and then the weather turns against them as well. Overall it was a fun and relaxed episode (minus the end) where everyone is together again and just having a good time. No matter what life throws at you, things will get better if you stick through it until the end. Rather than letting the rain and delays ruin their day, they decided to make the best of a bad situation and ended up having a great time regardless. The end of the episode makes me wonder why the gang didn’t just stay at a hotel or something if they were tired to drive or take shifts driving home. Even though Ghost Banri “cursed” them earlier, it had no real effect since everyone ended up having a great time until the car accident. Watching Ghost Banri’s reactions and pleas to take the curse back reminded me that you should be careful what you wish for. Sometimes you wish for something or say something you didn’t really mean but then when it does happen, it’s too late to take it back.

You can watch Golden Time on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)

Kill la Kill

kill la kill episode 15 elite four satsuki

This episode continued with Satsuki and Takarada’s battle for Osaka. Its interesting to see the difference between the two armies. We’re already familiar with Satsuki’s followers since they all respect and fear her strength.They’re all united with the same common respect towards Satsuki and they all don the same uniforms which makes them much stronger since they all fight for the same purpose. Takarada’s on the other hand were simply swayed with money and are only willing to go so far for him.

kill la kill episode 15 ryuuko satsuki

We also get to see Ryuuko and Satsuki finally clash again. Ryuuko definitely did grow stronger from the first time when they fought, she was able to match Satsuki blow for blow until she transformed. Ryuuko’s passion for saving Senketsu helped her become much stronger than she was before. She’s also realized that she can’t let her emotions make her lose sight of her goal in the end like what happened with Nui. Once her and Senketsu are fully reunited, we can see the clear difference between hers and Satsuki’s strength. Satsuki is able to rule because of her incredible strength but she sits at the top alone. Ryuuko on the other hand gains her strength from working with and protecting those who she cares about (kind of cliche shounen trait). As they clash, Ryuuko is able to rely on Senketsu while Satsuki is very firm on her position the Junketsu is simply a Kamui and only uses it for the powers.

You can watch Kill la Kill on Crunchyroll or Daisuki (may not be available in all regions)

That wraps up another week of Fall 2013 anime for me. While Samurai Flamenco did have another twist in the past episode, I’m still not sure what direction its going so I decided to leave it out of my write up for now. Strike the Blood also had a pretty crazy episode but I’ll wait till next week to see how things develop before I write about it. Don’t forget to check out my Winter 2014 weekly write ups as well for the currently airing series!



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