Fall 2013 Anime Leftovers – Thoughts #5

This past week of continuing fall 2013 anime series has been pretty impressive in my opinion. We’re in the home stretch where there are only a handful of episodes left for the series. This week I’ll be discussing my thoughts on Kill la Kill episode 17, Samurai Flamenco episode 16, Nagi no Asukara episode 18, and Golden Time episode 17.

Kill la Kill

kill la kill episode 17 tsumugu kinue

After last week’s episode ended with a bit of a stand off with Tsumugu and Ryuuko, I was a little surprised to see how quickly the situation was defused. As they delved further into Senketsu’s background, I couldn’t help but notice how similar Tsumugu’s sister looked compared to Ryuuko. Perhaps her and Tsumugu are actually related? They both share red highlights within their hair and Tsumugu is worried about her sharing the same fate as his sister did with life fibers. In addition to Tsumugu’s background, we also get confirmation that Senketsu is only able to communicate with Ryuuko because they share DNA. This would explain why we haven’t seen Satsuki’s Junketsu interacting at all up until this point. By sharing Ryuuko’s DNA, Senketsu and her are able to understand each other and basically see things as equals whereas other life fibers are only interested in dominating the human race.

kill la kill episode 17 ragyo satsuki ryuuko

The end of the episode had quite the twist with Ragyo being betrayed by Satsuki. While I can’t say it was completely unexpected, it did leave me feeling shocked in the end. I the betrayal fits more with Satsuki’s character. Throughout the series, we’ve seen her being a strong ruler who had complete authority over the people within her academy. However, Ragyo’s plan involved the Kiryuins being nothing more than mere servants for the life fibers. I’m interested in seeing whether Satsuki will be joining forces along with Ryuuko and Nudist Beach since they have the same goal in the end. From the preview, it looks like Ragyo can’t be done in so easily and is still alive and kicking. There’s still 7 episodes left even though this feels like the climax already. I guess there’s still plenty of time left for even more twists for Kill la Kill.

You can watch Kill la Kill on Crunchyroll or Daisuki (may not be available in all regions)

Samurai Flamenco

samurai flamenco episode 16 masayoshi

I must say that I really enjoyed this episode as it gave off the same feel as the earlier episodes of the series. Everything that happened with From Beyond just seems like a dream now and reality is finally setting in Masayoshi. He went off and got to play the superhero but real life isn’t like that and in the end he was nothing more but a pawn in the government’s election plan. You could really feel Masayoshi’s pain throughout the episode. He went along with the plan because he honestly thought what he was doing was for the good of the people. In reality, he was dragging more people into the ruse and deceiving the civilians. In the second half of the episode, we see Masayoshi really questioning himself. He’s hit rock bottom and is starving with no place to go. He could easily steal the bread since hey, stealing a piece of bread when you’re already a wanted man nationally is nothing. It’s nice to see that he still refuses to steal even in the situation he’s in since it goes against his values.

samurai flamenco episode 16 goto

In the end, he’s saved by a poor man. After talking with him, he finds out that he was a person he had saved in the past. Just listening to the impact he had on this man’s life helped Masayoshi come to the realization that all of that fans, fame, and attention didn’t matter. He was making an impact on people like this man’s lives by just standing up for what is right. Thanks to the old man, Masayoshi decides to reconcile with Goto since the two had begun drifting apart since Masayoshi’s fame grew. Overall, the soundtrack for this episode was very well done and was probably my favourite episode in the series to date.

You can watch Samurai Flamenco on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)

Nagi no Asukara

nagi no asukara episode 18 miuna shioshishio

Miuna is able to finally see Shioshishio with her own eyes. However, it’s not quite the same as the way her mother had described it. We saw earlier in the series, how beautiful the city was, being bright and filled with sea life. Now it’s currently nothing but a ghost town where time is frozen. All the beauty and life has been taken away from the city and nothing is left but an eerie and kind of abandoned feeling. While Miuna’s happy to just finally see Shioshishio, Hikari is upset that he doesn’t even recognize this place he calls home. It was touching to see him conversing with his dad as he was hibernating. We know that earlier on, him and his dad always had a somewhat distant relationship where they couldn’t exactly talk to each other clearly. With his dad at rest, he can calmly have a one-sided conversation and you could see how much Hikari cared about his dad from it.

nagi no asukara episode 18 manaka

The end of the episode was quite haunting, just seeing Manaka at rest along with all the other wooden maiden sacrifices from the past. Being alone in the center, Manaka was the first living sacrifice in a long time and is clearly of more value than the rest of the wooden dolls. However, the Sea God is angered when they try to take Manaka back. It’ll be interesting to see the consequences of their actions since Uroko stated “When something appears, something else is lost. Because of this, everything balances out in the end.”

You can watch Nagi no Asukara on Crunchyroll (May not be available in all regions)

Golden Time

golden time episode 17 kaga kouko tada banri kiss

After the events of last episode, it feels like Kouko has really matured since then. Rather than keeping her worries and thoughts to herself, she’s being more open with Banri and Chinami with how she feels. Banri’s also ready to face his past by heading back to his hometown so that he can move forward with Kouko. Mitsuo seems to be a little frustrated as well with how people seem to be keeping things from him. He’s interested in Linda but she seems to be hiding something regarding Shizuoka. At the same time, both her and Banri are heading back around the same time which raises his suspicions that they’re hiding something. Banri and him are supposed to be friends but he realizes he doesn’t actually know much about Banri since he’s been secretive about his past.

You can watch Golden Time on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)

That wraps up another Fall 2013 anime week. We’re now about 3/4ths of the way through these series and we’ll have to part with these series in the near future. On the bright side, we’ll still have winter 2014 series and the spring 2014 season to look forward to once these end! You can check out my winter 2014 coverage over here.


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