Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 1 Review

Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 1 – Review

The series has officially begun now! While it’s technically the same events as the prologue, I was surprised at how little they reused scenes. Leave it to ufotable to go that extra mile and produce new content for us! I won’t go too far into details for this week, since I already did a write up for the prologue (and both cover the same events).Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works ep 1 Review

Seeing Shirou’s life was quite the contrast to Rin’s life in the prologue. Neither of them have a family, but Shirou’s household is a lot livelier. He lives with not only his teacher, but his cute underclassman visits him on a daily basis to cook and clean. I guess you could say he’s living every young boy’s dream!

Fate Stay Night remake episode 1 review

So far, Shirou seems like your typical shounen protagonist. He has a strong sense of justice, and wants to protect/save everyone. Because of this, people are often walking all over him. He takes on tasks and helps out wherever he can, just for the sake of doing a good deed. His way of living varies greatly from Kiritsugu’s (which I won’t get too into for you non-Fate/Zero watchers). Shirou wants to be a superhero who can save anyone with no repercussions. Kiritsugu has a more realistic view on things. There’s always a give and a take. It’s impossible to save everyone since there are opportunity costs involved when you devote your time.

Fate Stay Night ep 1 Review

Sakura clearly has some feelings towards Shirou. Perhaps she’s drawn by his ideals, and is hoping he can be her savior. From what we already know, Shinji is not the friendliest big brother. It’s likely that he’s a tyrant at home, and causes Sakura a lot of suffering. I’m guessing that she enjoys helping Shirou since it gives her an opportunity to be in a normal household.

Fate Stay Night First Episode Thoughts

While we’re on the topic of discussing characters, let’s talk about Shinji. I’m baffled as to how he’s popular with his underclassmen. Every non-side character can see that he’s a massive jerk. He acts like a spoiled kid who gets what he wants, yet people still want to hang around him. Unfortunately for Shirou, he can’t say no to anyone, even if they’re a massive jerk. He still treats Shinji as he would treat anyone else.

New Fate Stay Night anime episode 1 impressions

The second half of the episode focuses more on the story, and less on introducing the characters. Shirou’s kindness gets him into a real pickle. Being unable to stand up to Shinji, he ends up staying late at the school cleaning up. A simple case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time seals his fate. While part of his involvement may have been coincidence, I’d say that it was also his destiny. Earlier on, the command seals had started to form prior to the encounter. He was destined to be a master the moment he was taken in my Kiritsugu.

Fate Stay Night UBW anime Episode 1 Discussion

The objective of the Holy Grail War is to defeat all the other masters, and claim the grail. It’ll be difficult for Shirou to take part since he’s all about saving everyone. This will be even harder now that he learns about Rin’s involvement. If he wants to win and reach his goal, he’d have to defeat and cause harm to those around him.

Fate Stay Night anime episode 1 Review

Overall, I enjoyed the episode once again. The animation was beautiful, and we did learn a fair bit about the characters. My only issue with the episode, is that it felt a little bit jumpy at times. I guess you can’t blame them since it’s retelling the events of the prologue, but as a stand alone, it could get confusing. It looks like we’ll get the full rundown next episode since they’ll be visiting Kirei.

2014 Fate Stay Night Remake Episode 1 Review

Another concern I had, is how they’ll be balancing out the comedy with the more serious tone of the war. Fujimura, to me, just feels like a character who only offers comedic relief and to please fans of the “older-sister” trope. I’m also curious how big of a role the other school kids will play. They’re just normal kids who don’t have any knowledge of magic and provide a slice of life feel to the show. I guess we’ll have to see how they balance the two sides as the series progresses.

You can watch Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 1 on Crunchyroll (available the following week for free users)

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6 thoughts on “Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 1 – Review

  1. Hey! Was just wondering if you read the Visual Novel of Fate.
    Good review, although those who read the VN will notice you were wrong on a couple of things. I understand that you either didnt read the VN or dont want to spoil things to those who didnt.

    1. Hey, I didn’t actually read the visual novel, but I watched the original series/read up on the story beforehand.

      I don’t really remember everything since it’s been awhile, but I’m trying my best not to spoil too much about everything :).

      1. The original series made a mess with the plot. They tried to include parts of the three routes and ended up creating a total mess. So far this one is following the UBW route accurately, including the prologue from Rin POV which is also the prologue in the Visual Novels.
        The movie also was basically to animate the fights, not for the plot. You are supposed to know the plot before you watch it or it will spoil you some of the best stuff.

  2. You talk to Shirou like he’s a typical protagonist, I’m not really sure if you’ve read the VN.

    Shirou’s problem, or distortion, is that he’d rather die to see people die in front of him. That’s not typical at all. You just highlighted the good parts in his life, when he lives quite a difficult life.

    Sakura was drown to him, and looks up to him as a symbol of hope, but it didn’t develop fully into love until HF route. Tiger is tiger, Shirou doesn’t even look at her as a woman.

    Sakura is a pupil. She doesn’t cook for Shirou. Shirou teaches her and they cook together.

    In that night where he failed reinforcement. HE ALMOST DIED. And he still practices magecraft nearly everyday even with that kind of danger.

    Again, not typical protagonist at all. SImply not even a normal guy. He’s a guy with an obsession on the level of Kirei.

    Shirou couldn’t stand up to Shinji? He still treats shinji like a friend. He fought with Shinji before, and word of God says that Shirou is the strongest in his school when it comes to fighting so, you bet Shinji got his ass handed to him. He went because he didn’t want to damage his relationship with Shinji, and that he still cares about the Archery club. He punched Sakura in the face in HF route, it’s not like he doesn’t have the guts.

    1. Seriously… I can’t believe such an awesome episode still haven’t changed people’s opinion of Shirou since the old adaptation…
      Did you even notice other than talking to his friends, he almost never even smiled? Shirou can’t even feel content with his life because he wanted to save everyone on the level of obsession. Even Rin thought of Shirou as a cold person because he looked so unhappy majority of the time.

      1. I’m aware that UBW is the route where Shirou will go through a lot of growth, which I really look forward to seeing (especially once we get further into the war). But you’re right I haven’t read the VN (only read up on the spoilers/wiki for the routes). At first glance, I’d say a lot of your characters seem pretty typical, but you made a good point, once you look at the smaller details (didn’t notice the Shirou not smiling), there’s a lot of deeper meaning behind everything.

        Don’t get me wrong though, I love the Fate series! I just wanted to tone down my “hype” for this episode since it’s been pretty hyped up no matter where you look. I know that I’ve been let down by hype trains in the past, so I don’t want to build any crazy, unreal expectations in the event someone who stumbles onto this hasn’t read the VN, or is new to the Fate series.

        Either way, this is only the first episode with more than 20 to go. I have absolute faith in ufotable that they’ll give this route the adaptation it deserves and look forward to when they tie everything together!

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