Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 10 Review UBW

Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 10 – Review

We’re approaching the end of the first cour of Unlimited Blade works. The war is still in it’s early stages and we’ll have to wait for the second half to see everything crumble.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 10 Reaction Archer Betrayal

Archer’s past is still shrouded with mystery, but we slowly learn more about his life through Rin’s dreams. He suffered fighting for what he believed in, yet in the end, it seems like he was betrayed. Perhaps this is why he’s so against Shirou’s fighting for his ideals. Having been in a similar position, he knows that it’s naive to believe that this war can end with few casualties.

Fate Stay Night UBW Ep 10 Summary Rin drinking tea

Love is in the air for young Rin! Ever since teaming up with Shirou, she’s become a lot softer. Archer was originally pleased that he had such a competent master, but the two have been fighting a lot recently. Rin’s decisions have been influenced by Shirou, whom Archer heavily disagrees with. He thought that they were in it to win it, but since teaming up with Shirou, he’s been doubting everything.

With their falling out, the truce seems rather ineffective. We basically have two masters (or one and a half depending on Shirou’s development), and a servant who can’t be used to her full potential. Even with their combined forces, they don’t have much of an advantage over the other duos.

Fate Stay Night Episode 10 Synopsis Shirou kindness

Shirou’s kindness is, once again, both a good quality, and a fault. Upon suspecting Kuzuki, he doesn’t want to jump the gun. He wants to give him the benefit of the doubt, despite so many telling signs pointing towards him. He was even ready to run to his aid after Rin’s attack. Even after confirming his involvement, he wanted to hear him out before deciding their next move.

Impressions Fate Stay Night Episode 10 Kuzuki

Shirou approaches Kuzuki with a black and white view. Either he was unaware of Caster’s actions, and is innocent, or he was an accomplice by not stopping her. Kuzuki throws him off by falling between the two choices. He never encouraged Caster’s actions, but he doesn’t care about them either. He wants no part in this war, making it hard to hold him accountable for Caster’s crimes.

Unlike Shirou (at this point), Kuzuki proves to a very capable master. Being able to go toe to toe with servants is no easy feat. His fight made me realize that servants really aren’t a god like being. In fact, they were once mortal like their masters, and therefore it shouldn’t be too surprising that a master has the same strength as their servant.

Shirou Trace On

Under the pressure, Shirou is able to advance his technique. Having studied Archer’s weapons and techniques, he’s able to mimic his weapons now too. With Shirou’s determination to become stronger, he’s becoming more like Archer. Even if he doesn’t see eye to eye with him, Shirou can’t deny his strength and wants to be more like him.

Gilgamesh Fate Stay Night Appearance Ep 10

At the end, we see Shinji has reentered the war with Gilgamesh as his servant. Receiving such a special servant has really inflated his already massive ego. He’s excited that he can do whatever he wants with this new servant, but he doesn’t realize what’s actually happening. Kirei seems to have a specific goal in mind and is using Shinji to obtain it. He’s willing to overlook his actions because he knows the type of person Shinji is, and can rely on him to work in his best interest.

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2 thoughts on “Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 10 – Review

  1. Strength is such a relative term. Nasuverse doesn’t treats its characters like ‘if A is stronger than B and B is stronger than C, then C can’t beat A.’ It’s more about compatiblity than anything else.
    This won’t be mentioned in the anime, so I might a well explain for anyone that is curious: Kuzuki’s normal strength is about around Shirou’s level, but Caster’s magecraft allows her to reinforce his body to Servant level. Even so, that would usually mean nothing in front of a Servant.
    Kuzuki uses a style called Snake, something that is used not to fight but to kill. By bending his arms and fists in odd angles, he can hit behind the neck of his enemy and crush his skull. Saber was being overwhelmed because one would never think that a human can even compete with a Servant: by doing an example, even while weakened Saber is at least 30 times faster than a human, and even with Caster’s Reinforcement it shouldn’t be easy to block her attacks. Also, Kuzuki intentionally let others underestimate him to get the hupper hand. Before Saber could shake her confusion off, he started to attack her without letting her understand the situation.
    Still, Kuzuki uses an art to kill and not to fight. Despite being odd, it’s precisely the reason for which his strikes are easily predictable. Snake is meant to kill at the first strike, and losing the element of surprise Kuzuki is essentially weakened. I don’t know why they left it out, but in the VN Kuzuki admitted that if he were to fight Saber again, she would easily beat him with no difficulties.
    I agree with the fact that Servants aren’t god-like beings, but they are amongst the most powerful. Even the weakest Servant greatly unsettles mages and the likes, just the idea of fighting one is enough to earn you a ‘are you crazy?’ look. They are heroes and villains that after death ascended to the highest existence, not to mention that their Noble Phantasms and physical abilities are far beyond anything accomplishable.

    1. Thanks for shedding some more light on Kuzuki, it was an interesting read for me. I would have loved to have that explained in the series, but I can see them not wanting to dump all of that technical info on us when they could animate more gorgeous action scenes. It did throw me off at how powerful Kuzuki was, being able to go toe to toe with Saber.
      Your comment actually gave me a lot of insight to his character and makes me appreciate him more. I know that in the UBW movie, I didn’t care too much for him (can’t even remember what role he played in the original anime), but seeing all the depth to his fighting style and character adds more dynamics to his character.

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