Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 4 Review

Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 4 – Review

After such a glorious, action packed episode, we follow it up with a slower paced one. Everything happened so quickly for Shirou. Over the course of one night, he became a master, died, came back to life, got debriefed, and fought against a loli. Now that the night has passed, he can process everything and begin adapting to this new life.

Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 4 Review

Illya is a pretty sadistic girl. From her appearance in the last two episodes, we can conclude that she has a twisted sense of pleasure. She would prefer to play with, and torment her targets rather than take them out swiftly. She has an agenda with Kiritsugu, but since he’s no longer here Shirou will have to take his place. The maids seemed a bit annoyed with Illya’s decision to play around with the other masters rather than killing them. I guess this shows that winning the war is of utmost importance to the Einzbern clan and you can only imagine the pressure that is on Illya.

Remake Fate Stay Night Ep 4 Summary

It looks like Shirou sustained a pretty serious injury from saving Saber previously. From our first impressions of Shirou, he shouldn’t be adept with handling magic. Aside from his tracing, he didn’t seem to have a strong affinity for magic. Yet his wounds healed at an incredible speed. We know Kiritsugu took part in the previous war, and it wouldn’t be crazy to say that he has left some sort of magic for Shirou.

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Seeing Saber in Fate Stay/Night leaves me with a whole different impression of her. Back in Fate/Zero, she had a serious attitude, and only really focused on obtaining the grail. While she still has the same wish, her interactions, so far, feel a lot more cheerful. Seeing her talk about the clothes Rin gave her was pretty adorable to see! I guess Saber isn’t used to having a master as kind as Shirou is. Rather than treating her as a servant, Shirou just sees her as another person, and shows her the same kindness that he shows to anyone. He even prepared food for her before himself!

Review Fate Stay Night Remake Ep. 4

It seems like Shirou tends to put others above himself. We saw how he couldn’t turn Shinji down previously, despite it being an inconvenience to himself. Mitsuzuri mentioned how it seems like he has no desires for anything. I guess since he doesn’t have any personal goals, it’s like he lives for others. To me, it seems like he’s trying to find a sense of purpose in his life, which he does by helping everyone out. Perhaps he’s still being haunted by the fire several years ago, and maybe has some trace of survivor’s guilt.

Episode 4 Summary Fate Stay Night Remake

On a lighter note, Shirou’s household just got even livelier! He already had the affection of an older sister and the respect of a younger classmate, but now he has Saber living with him as well. Both Sakura and Fujimura are too protective to allow Shirou to live alone with a woman, so why not move in along with her! Despite being an orphan, and then losing Kiritsugu, Shirou is never really alone since he has this makeshift family.

Fate Stay UBW Ep 4 Thoughts

While Shirou is taking his time off, Rin is actively participating in the war. She told herself that she was in it to win it, but she couldn’t bring herself to kill Shirou earlier. She seeks out the other masters as a way to redeem herself for letting him off easy. If she can take out another master, then she’s still doing her job. Despite her resolve, Rin doesn’t seem as cutthroat as some of the other masters. We’ve had several cases now where servants and masters have been involving civilians in the war. Rin can’t stand this and is a firm believer that only those involved in the war should have to suffer.

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