Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 6 Review Tsundere Rin

Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 6 – Review

We’ve had numerous encounters thus far, but all masters and servants are alive and well. We’re still in the early stages of the war, so it’s understandable if people don’t want to go all out at this point in time.

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Archer finally gets a bit of alone time with Shirou where he can be as blunt as he wants. He seems to have little respect for Shirou, despite being allied at the moment. Even if Shirou has some magical ability, Archer still doesn’t see him as a capable person. He’s still too soft and inexperienced to be taking part in this war. Mages should be able to kill without hesitation when needed, but Shirou has never caused harm to anyone.

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During their conversation, Archer brings an interesting perspective of the war, from a servant’s perspective. These heroic beings are long dead, the world they once knew no longer exists. It’s almost as if they’re being brought back from the dead to do battle for the selfish desires of humans. It’s hard to imagine what they would wish for, since they have no real place in this world. It seems as if Saber is the only one who has a wish she wants granted from the Holy Grail. She carries a lot of regret in her past life, and thus seeks the grail in to clear her conscience.

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Despite being a proud hero of history, Archer has a rather bleak outlook on the world. He doesn’t seem to hold sentimental value to anything, and is blunt. He knows where he stands in this world, he’s nothing more than a mere tool. He completely understands that and will carry out his duties without hesitation, and thinks nothing more of it.

Angry Saber

Upon returning home, Shirou has to face the wrath of Saber. He ensured her that the school was safe, and she did not need to watch over him. On top of that, he made the decision to call a truce with Rin, without her input. Shirou had been treating Saber as a normal person, an equal, up until this point. I could understand why she would be a bit disappointed in him making decisions without her.

Smug Faced Shinji Fate Stay

I guess it’s not really much of a surprise that Shinji is taking part in the grail war. He literally has all of the girls in his club wrapped around his finger. Even if he may not be capable of using magic, his servant can easily feed off the girls he lures. He’s an incredibly manipulative person and tries to get Shirou on his side. Clearly, he has no intentions of working with him, but he just wants to protect himself in all of this. Now that Shirou is aware of Shinji’s involvement, this may complicate his relationship with Sakura.

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I think it’s interesting that Shirou is considered the weakest master by many. Seeing how Shinji isn’t capable of using mana, and doesn’t appear to be physically superior to your average teenager. Maybe it’s because of his lack of mana, the other participants are unaware that he’s a master. Either way, Shirou has been putting in a lot of effort trying to improve himself. He’s constantly practicing his magic late into the night, and training with Saber during the day.

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Since Shirou is seen as an easy target, it’s only natural that he gets preyed on first. Rin and Shirou aren’t the only participants who have called a truce. Caster and Assassin seem to have some kind of arrangement as well. Seeing Caster’s strategy, she may be powerful at magic, but doesn’t seem suited for close range combat. I guess this would be where Assassin comes in to take care of the physical work. Either way, after having a less action packed episode, we’re setting up for an explosive one next week!

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3 thoughts on “Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 6 – Review

  1. The arrangement of the action episodes in this series follows a pattern so far.
    If we count the first two episodes as two episodes, splitting them from the half (Since they are twice as long)…
    In the first episode there arent any battles.
    In the second episode we get Archer vs Lancer and some Saber.
    In the third episode there isnt action again.
    In the fourth episode we get Saber vs Lancer and some Archer.
    In the fifth episode there isnt action AGAIN.
    Do I even need to talk about the sixth? Berserker, Saber and Archer.
    The seventh is again a calm episode, the only real action being Saber easily destroying some minions.
    The eighth episode is Rin and Shirou playing a magic tag game and Shirou fighting off Rider.
    The ninth episode there are no battles again, but prepares the field for the upcoming battle.
    The next episode will clearly have a lot of action, comparable atleast to the fifth (Third).

    So approximately half of the episodes so far are calm, while the other half are those on where things get real.

    1. I guess the Fate series and the type-moon universe can get pretty deep when it comes to their intricacies. These “downtime” episodes give them a chance to flesh out the story, and characters more which I’m enjoying. Plus they build up hype for the following action packed episodes!

      1. UBW is the route with the most action. Fate/Stay Night overall is based around the characters, mostly Shirou, but you get to explore each of them. You could change the point of view to that of any of the characters and the result would continue to be decent, because all have their own qualities, flaws, personality, etc.

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