Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 8 Review Tsundere Rin

Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 8 – Review

Shirou has it rough dealing with all of these ladies. First he has to put up with Saber’s sass, and then go to school and get thrown mixed signals!

Shirou continues his training with Saber, being committed to improving himself after the last few encounters. He has begun mimicking Archer’s techniques. I guess it’s not too unexpected, considering how similar the two are.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Ep 8 Review Rin being cute

Rin feels pretty bad about what happened with Archer. Despite being in an alliance, he went off on his own and threatened Shirou. Shirou handles the situation maturely. Rather than blame archer or Rin for anything, he blames himself first. Had he been stronger, or had his guard down, he would have never been in that situation in the first place. Archer also had no obligation to go out of his way to try and save Shirou.

Fate Stay Night UBW Ep 8 Synopsis Shinji

At first, Shinji continues being creepy with his erratic behavior towards Shirou. After being turned down by Shirou, and then finding out Rin chose to alliance with Shirou over himself, I guess he has the right to be a bit salty. I guess as a sort of way to get back at them, he finally activates his magic barrier. Being the petty coward that he is, if he can’t have his way he has to ruin it for everyone else.

Summary Fate Stay Night Remake Episode 8 Saber Summoning

You would think that they’d be a bit more cautious after all that’s happened. Shirou has been under attack nearly every time Saber is away from him, yet he refuses for her to follow him around! Either way, he has to blow a command seal in this situation. Having watched Fate/Zero, it feels like they’re more liberal with their command seals. Perhaps it has to do with the newer generation being a lot less skilled in combat, thus ending up in these situations.

Caster Fate Stay Night

It seems like Caster will pose a huge threat to them in the near future. Archer letting her go really has caused them a lot of trouble. She managed to take out Rider in a short amount of time, and continues to slip away from any real combat. The longer it takes for them to deal with her, the stronger she gets.

Fate Stay Night Ep 8 Impressions

Despite everything that has happened, Shirou keeps his composure. He witnessed his friends getting the life drained out of them, and minutes later, he’s back to planning for the war. It’s a bit unnerving for Rin to see him like this. Nothing seems to faze him for very long.

Well that wraps up my thoughts on the episode. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a shorter post since I’m exhausted from dealing with hosting issues all day. I’m still making changes, but things should (fingers crossed) be back to normal by early next week.

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