Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 14 Review

Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 14 – Review

So I just realized that it’s technically not 2014 anymore so I changed up the titling for this series of blog posts…

Anyways, the episode starts off rather peaceful, even what happened last week. Archer had just betrayed them, yet Rin and Shirou are able to remain calm. I guess I’m just surprised how they can remain so calm when they’re without a servant in this war!

Fate Stay Night Episode 14 Review Casters Master

We also get some insight on Caster’s previous master. Up until this point, I had to think that she had some ulterior motive for obtaining the grail. It seemed as if she really just wanted to serve her master, and be of some use. He had different ideas though. He used humans as sacrifices to generate more mana.

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Even Caster was disgusted with his actions, taking the lives of the innocent for such futile reasons. I started to actually sympathize with her, as her heart seemed to be in the right place. Once again, she was betrayed. Just like in her human life, she was manipulated and used to someone else’s benefit, before being disposed of.

Fate Stay Night Ep 14 Reaction

She was fed up and honestly had nothing to lose. She betrays her original master and frees the test subjects’ lives. On the verge of death, Souichirou stumbles upon her and takes care of her. For the first time, someone was willing to be used by her, rather than the other way around. She seemed to be completely lost and given up on everything until Souichirou willingly lent out his hand.

We also get to see a bit more into Illya’s character. She mysteriously appeared early on in the series, with an odd fascination for Shirou while being confident in her capabilities as a master. This time, she seems a lot softer, actually wanting for them to make it to her castle.

Fate Stay Night UBW Ep 14 Impressions

Illya just seems really lonely. Her only companions being her maids who aren’t even humans. Both her mother and father are out of the picture, she must have had a lonely upbringing. She also seems to have a connection with Kiritsugu, which likely explains why she calls Shirou onii-chan.

Gilgamesh attacking Illya

Unfortunately, Shinji makes a sudden appearance, along with his shiny new servant. Shinji’s still as hopeless as ever, but Gilgamesh is a completely different story. He’s the one calling all of the shots and making every single move. Shinji’s only being manipulated into following Gilgamesh’s own will.

Fate UBW Episode 14 Summary

While Illya’s Berserker was feared by all the other masters, it seems like Gilgamesh and Shinji have no qualms about targeting them first.

Overall, it was a slower paced episode, but it definitely helped flesh out the characters more. The majority of the first season focused so much on Shirou and his ideals. The other masters and servants barely got any focus on them. After getting some backstory on these other characters, I begin seeing them in a different light. Both were introduced in a villainous way, but now we know the reasoning behind their actions.

Fate Stay Night Ep 14 Synopsis

Caster has taken control of her own life, refusing to be taken advantage of again. She really does trust Souichirou and seems to value him as her master. Illya really enjoyed playing around with Rin and Shirou. Having lost her mother and father as a child, you can only assume she longed for companionship. She was even sent away to the isolated castle for the sake of the war, with no one but homunculus servants by her side.

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5 thoughts on “Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 14 – Review

  1. “…seems to have a connection with Kiritsugu…”

    I’m not sure if you’ve watched the prequel Fate/Zero (doesn’t seem like it), but Illya is Kiritsugu’s biological daughter. In any case, this wouldn’t be a spoiler that would ruin the story. Rather, it’s important for understanding her motivations and actions towards Shirou.

    1. I figure most fans probably saw Fate/Zero already, but on the off chance that they haven’t I tried to avoid reading further into some scenes. I agree that it isn’t a huge spoiler, and they’ve hinted at it, so most new fans probably picked up on it as well.

      Illya’s character is certainly a tragic one. Born into a loving family, but unable to escape her fate as an Einzbern. Kiritsugu being banished from the family, and Illya being raised believing that her father abandoned her. Only then to find out that he raised another child, from her standpoint she was abandoned by Kiritsugu.

      I thought it was adorable how happy she got in this episode, that Shirou and Rin wanted to talk to her rather than fight.

      1. Not to mention she is half homunculus herself, even she is not a true human. HENRI, I was almost going to ask JIKMAN that myself. I loved the secound episode of Fate/Zero with her playing, but she was literially breed for this conflict.

  2. Have you seen Fate Zero? Illya’s connection with Shirou’s dad is revealed pretty early. It’s an interesting dynamic. When I saw the first Fsn anime Illya’s actions seemed to make no sense, but then Fate Zero cleared it up for me.

    1. Yeah I have, I just didn’t want to risk spoiling too much for any new viewers, although I think they did a great job at hinting at it without revealing too much in this series. Having seen her relationship with Kiritsugu, and knowing how Fate/Zero ended, I can’t help but feel for her.

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