Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 15 Review

Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 15 – Review

Well… this was one way to spoil my weekend…

Fate Stay Night UBW Ep 15 Reaction Illya vs Gilgamesh

Illya’s character certainly is a tragic one, especially if you’ve seen her in Fate/Zero. She was such an innocent child and both Kiritsugu and Irisviel hoped that she would be able to escape the von Einzbern destiny. They raised her with so much love, but had to leave her to participate in the war and promised to return to her. After waiting, they never came back for her and she was left alone, abandoned.

Fate Stay Night 2014 Episode 15 Review Illya Death

The darkness within her and the Einzbern raised her in a life of solitude. She was always alone and subjected to painful experiments. She had no joy in her life, and became indifferent to everything. There was also a ton of weight put upon her. Seeing the graveyard of failed homunculus placed a ton of pressure on her. The Einzberns put everything on Illya to win the war. If she were to fail, all those other lives would have gone to waste.

Fate Stay Night Ep 15 Summary

She was surrounded by emotionless homunculus who were basically programmed to accompany her. What Illya really longed for was companionship. She suffered for years all alone and just wanted someone to protect her father would have. She probably wasn’t too happy to see Berserker being summoned. The class tends to sacrifice their consciousness for greater strength. It was no different from being surrounded by these emotionless servants of hers. She was ready to do everything on her own as she had done in the past.

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Berserker was different though. He actually cared for Illya on his own free will and protected her. She had been left to die, and was completely fine with that, but someone finally came to her rescue. She was no longer alone and bonded with Berserker. While she seemed to be harsh and cruel at times, she truly believes in her servant until the very end as he’s the only one that she was ever able to rely on.

Fate Stay Night UBW Ep 15 Synopsis

Still, the mighty Heracles is no match for Gilgamesh. Despite being a demigod, and considered one of the strongest servant classes, his combat is handicapped by his will to protect Illya. He has a strong will to protect this little girl, but in the end it just causes them both to fall. It was pretty heart breaking to see Illya meet her end here, especially after seeing how happy she was when Shirou and Rin were trying to work with her. The comrades that she had longed for were so close, but never made their way to her.

Fate UBW Ep 15 Reaction Illya's Death

Even in death, Illya seems to be at peace. Berserker served her until the very end and died with someone who cared for her by her side. She lived a depressing life, but there was some comfort knowing that she got what she wished for in the end. Thankfully, there is Fate Illya for a less depressing story for her.

While all of this is going on, Shirou can’t do anything but sit and watch. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with him and he’s about to run into, someone who defeated Berserker with ease, without a servant by his side. I can’t see that ending too well for him since as it currently stands, they’re no match for Gilgamesh and Shinji.

Overall, the episode had stunning animation, as expected from ufotable. The series started off rather peacefully, with the only real casualty being Rider, who was quickly replaced anyways. Now that we’re into the second half, everyone is done their preparations and beginning to move. The masters and servants had numerous encounters early on, but they always ended with both sides retreating. It looks like there’s little room left to run now that Gilgamesh and Caster are gunning for the finish line.

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4 thoughts on “Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 15 – Review

  1. This episode really tugs at my heartstrings, but I wonder how it looks to people who aren’t acquainted with Illya? I’ve had Prisma Illya, Fate, UBW, HF, Fate DEEN anime, Fate DEEN movie, F/Z, the F/Z anime, and etc etc to get really attached to Illya, so seeing her brutally murdered while thinking about her precious servant hit me in the gut. Well I knew it’d happen, having read UBW all those years ago, but still.

    However for someone watching the UBW anime first, would Illya just look like some minor side character disposed away?

    1. I’m curious as well. Illya’s character wasn’t touched on too much earlier on in the series. She made an appearance, but she seemed a bit like a spoiled child coming into the scene and trying to man handle Rin and Shirou.

      We didn’t really get in touch with her character until these last 2 episodes which may not have been enough time for those people to process it and feel for her.

      After seeing how innocent she was a child in F/Z and seeing her live a peaceful life in Prisma Illya, I was dreading the day I’d have to see this scene! I just wanted to see her live a happy life (like the one in DEEN’s anime version) :(.

  2. There’s no darkness “within her”. She was being manipulated by the old guy you see in the first flashback. That’s it.

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