Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 16 Review

Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 16 – Review

Of course once all the fighting has ceased, Shinji has to make his appearance to take credit for everything.

As an Illya fan, I guess I’m glad that the dreaded heart ripping scene was short and to the point… She was already dead at this point, and at least died peacefully as opposed to the UBW movie.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 16 Reaction

It was pretty amusing to see Shinji come out of hiding once Shirou and Rin show up. He talks big but no one takes him seriously. The poor guy just wants the spotlight to be on him for once. He was humiliated already when Rider was defeated, and everyone refused to team up with him. Now that the tables have turned, he tries to show off his strength, only to still be ignored by everyone.

Fate Stay Night 2014 Ep 16 Review Gilgamesh Ripping out Illyas heart

Shinji also seems to have no control over Gilgamesh. Despite talking big about having an awesome servant, it seems like he’s just tagging along for the ride. Gilgamesh has his own agenda to tend to and could care less about Shinji’s little vendetta against his classmates.

After all of this, Shirou and Rin have their little dispute once again. Pretty much the same old where she believes Shirou should value his own life more while he believes the opposite. She does have a valid point though, it’s human nature to put yourself first and survive. Shirou’s behavior isn’t normal no matter how you look at it.

Fate Stay/Night Ep 16 Summary

We get to see Shirou’s past once again, and hearing his explanation though actually makes a lot more sense. He wandered through the rubble and saw countless of people reaching out to him, hoping to be saved. He had no choice but to block them out and try and survive himself. I guess he carries survivor’s guilt since there were so many others that could have been saved yet he was the only one. Was it fair that they all died and yet someone came to his rescue? After that experience, he was set on never letting that happen again, being unable to save someone because he was powerless.

Fate Stay Ep 16 Synopsis

Lancer makes his reappearance. It’s been a while since he’s interacted with Rin and Shirou, but he seems to have changed. That first night, he was set on getting business taken care of but here he is being all buddy buddy. I guess he’s pretty out of place at this stage of the war. The main threats were Berserker, Caster, and Gilgamesh. Lancer is kind of just off doing his own thing, and probably would have died trying to oppose any of those powerhouses.

Fate Stay Night UBW Ep 16 Discussion

After last week’s heavy episode with Illya’s past, some lighter scenes are welcome. Shirou was blunt with his stance regarding Rin. He didn’t even have to go through the process of asking her out, he just followed her around and refusing to take no for an answer, to the point where they’re basically an item. All men should take notes from Shirou, this guy is able to say all of that stuff with a straight face!

It looks like they’re setting up for the last fight between the main cast and Caster by giving us more insight onto Souichirou. He seems to be an empty shell, someone who was lost in life and had no aspirations or goals of his own. Seeing everyone around you, being filled with so many emotions and yet you’re so indifferent to everything. He has no desire for the grail itself, but by helping Caster achieve her goal, he can at least feel like a human.

Fate Stay Night UBW anime Ep 16 Review

As they set off into the church, Rin pulls out the pendant once again, clearly drawing the connection between it and Archer. She’s fully aware of Archer’s past now, but it seems like Shirou is still in the dark and is unaware of the pendant’s significance.

Angry Rin Tohsaka

This episode was definitely more on the fun side compared to recent ones. We got to see more of Rin’s glorious expressions and Shirou declare his intentions for her. There were also some little hints for those who follow the Fate franchise, like Lancer wishing for a female master.

I also took a bit of time this week to rewatch clips from the UBW movie, and have to note the massive difference between the two. At the time I was satisfied with DEEN’s animation, but ufotable really takes it to a whole new level. We also get more insights to all of the characters as opposed to just a ton of action scenes being spliced together.

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