Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 23 Review

Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 23 – Review

Final preparations have been made, Shirou, Rin and Saber head out to the final battle.

Saber has made her peace that she will soon be leaving Rin and Shirou’s side. After all, she is still just a servant and is not physically bound to this present time. She seems to have accepted her life, and no longer carries the same burden and regret all thanks to Shirou. After this battle, she will surely disappear given that Rin has to supply massive amounts of mana to both Shirou and Saber.

Fate Stay Night Episode 23 Review Rin Saving Shinji

While they spent all that time coming up with their plan, it all went to waste due to an unexpected turn of events. Assassin was still guarding the gate which meant that Gilgamesh was able to intercept Shirou and Rin from the back of the temple.

Unfortunately, Gilgamesh bears the traits that all villains seem to possess. Rather than nip the problem in the butt, he chooses to let the protagonist watch his evil plan play out due to his ego, which will ultimately give them a chance to stop him. He also refuses to use his full strength against Shirou because of the fact that it’d be an insult to his pride, for a king to go all out against a mere mongrel.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Ep 23 Review Young Gilgamesh

I really did like hearing things from Gilgamesh’s perspective though. Even in Fate/Zero, I never really knew more about his motive aside from him wanting to rule everything. He just seemed full of himself and wanted felt entitled to everything in the world, and just followed the path that would give him the most enjoyment. With Kirei gone, he still continues to seek the grail, but for his own purpose.

Fate Unlimited Blade Works Episode 23 Summary

The world today is very different from his lifetime. He believes there are far too many people in the world. Back in his day, everyone was fitted into a specific role which would give meaning to their life. Now, humans have endless opportunities for them causing many to feel lost and without a sense of purpose. By summoning the grail, he can cull the human race down and the few survivors can be taken under his wing as his servants, allowing him to lead the human race once again.

Fate UBW Ep 23 Synopsis Shirou

Gilgamesh basically gives Shirou a test as well. To put an end to all of this, all they need to do is kill Shinji who is being used to summon the grail. Shirou was adamantly against sacrificing one to save others. His goal is to save anyone and everyone if possible. The simple solution would be to kill Shinji and save the human race, but doing so would be a slippery slope, the path Archer and Kiritsugu followed.

Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 23 Reaction

Rin goes off to retrieve Shinji. Despite all that he did, he still is a human and their fellow classmate. While he was an absolute child and prick to them, Shirou still considers him a friend. Upon taking Shinji away from the grail, it begins to react, having to seek a new core. It chooses none other than Gilgamesh, which causes him to pull out his greatest weapon. Shirou’s goal was to match him blow for blow by mimicking all of his weaponry, but it’s impossible for him to copy his Ea.

Fate Stay Night Ep 23 Discussion Assassin Death

On the other side of the temple, Saber and Assassin face off once again. Assassin reveals his true self. He is based on a fictional character from a legend or story. Since he isn’t actually a historic figure, he does not hold the same beliefs or ambition that other servants seem to possess. All other servants accomplished certain things in their life and still hold true to their values after being summoned. Assassin is different though. Being based off a fictional character, he never had any of this. His skills were made similar to the fictional character, but aside from that, he is an empty person.

He doesn’t last long as both him and Saber are short on time. He served his purpose of guarding the gate until the end, and Saber heads off to join Shirou and Rin with stopping the grail.

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  1. The reason Assassin lost is because his blade was bent when it collided with Excalibur, which created the smallest of gaps within his Tsubame Gaeshi, but it was enough for Saber, with her instincts, to exploit. If his blade had been a true Noble Phantasm and if he had time to spare rather than having to hurry, Saber would have died.

    1. Thanks for the clarification! It seems that there are a lot of things that an anime viewer would miss out or misinterpret since we don’t have the text explaining everything. Just watching the clip, I didn’t really pick up any of this which left me confused as to how Saber pulled it off this time as opposed to the first time they met.

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