Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 25 Review

Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 25 (Epilogue) – Review

Well, the journey has come to an end with the epilogue.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Epilogue

To be honest, I’m a sucker for these types of endings. I love seeing time skips and seeing how the characters ended up after the events of a series. Rin and Shirou continue with their relationship now that the war has ended and headed off to London to continue progressing as a magician.

Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 25 Reaction

While the holy grail war was a huge event for them, the world is just a massive place. Shirou especially had no idea about the world outside of his little city in Japan and how insignificant he can be. Traveling the world, he’s able to get a better perspective on things. He wanted to be a hero of justice, but the world is such a vast place. He is only one man and would have to continue to learn more about the world if he wants to make his ideal a reality.

Fate Stay Night UBW Ending

We also get to see some of Rin’s life after the war. She has softened up a lot and found her resolve with Shirou. While she wasn’t able to save Archer, she realized that she could be there for Shirou and help him remember to stay true to his goal. She was too late to save Archer from going down that path, but she can ensure that Shirou never has to feel the same way.

Unlimited Blade Works Last Episode

It was also nice to see how all of the characters ended up after the war had calmed down. Sakura continues to be kind to everyone and seems to have a better relationship with her brother. Shinji isn’t as abusive towards Sakura and seems to have toned down his behavior towards her. Everyone else continues on with their normal lives now that all of the chaos has passed by, and it seems like a happy ending for the city.

Fate Stay Night UBW Finale

We also got to see how these other characters in the Fate and Naruverse sort of tie into the series. Luvia and Waver both make an appearance, which I’m certain most fans of the franchise are thrilled to see. Both Waver and Shirou shared some similarities. Neither of them came from necessarily well known mage lineage, but somehow got caught up in the holy grail war. They both had something to prove, and by the end of the war, they found something that they wanted to do with their lives.

At the end, it seems like Shirou will still continue to follow his fate. He will continue to fight never ending battles in pursuit of creating a world where no one has to be hurt. The only thing that has changed for him is the fact that he will continue doing it without regrets. He knows its a flawed ideal, but he has dedicated his life to fight for what he believes in. While he may never reach the end, it’s a worthy dream to live for.

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Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Review

Now that the series has finished, I thought I’d share some quick thoughts on the series as a whole. Overall, I enjoyed the series, and would probably consider it one of my favorites for both seasons in which it aired.


Fate Stay Night Epilogue

I think Fate Stay Night has difficulties with character development. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that Rin and Shirou had some good development this season, but the rest of the cast was kind of lacking. We learned the backstory of most of the other servants and masters the same episode in which they’re killed off. For people who aren’t acquainted with the series, I can understand if they feel indifferent to these characters’ deaths since they hardly knew them and in their final moments, had a bunch of info shoved down their throat. It’s hard to process all of that information and connect with the characters when all of it happens so quickly.

I can’t really blame the anime for this though since Fate Stay Night is based on a visual novel with multiple routes. Within each route, they focus on a different set of characters, and one would have to play all the routes to get the full picture. For example, Sakura is considered a major character in Fate, but she was only seen at the start, and at the end of the series. There were a lot of smaller details and hints dropped throughout the series, but it’d be hard to connect them and see the significance without being familiar with the entire series or watching Fate Zero.

They did do a decent job on expanding on Saber’s character though. Most of her focus is on the original route, but they still made an effort to draw connections between Fate Zero and here. She also finally gets some peace and closure in this route, even if she doesn’t stay until the end.


I thought for the most part, the story was well paced. We pretty much alternated between high action episodes, and then slower, more drawn out episodes to set up for the next battle. I guess at times it did feel a bit shounen-ey (in it’s defense, it is a shounen series) where Shirou would stupidly run into a battle where he should be killed, but since he’s the main character, someone is always covering for him.

There were plenty of plot twists, but I’m not sure what others thought of it. I mean, for the first half of the series, they set up Caster to be the main threat, then all of a sudden Kirei shows his true colors. We spent quite a bit of time getting to understand the type of person she was, only for a guy that has been working  in the shadows to be the true villain. Shortly after, he’s killed and the final boss is none other than Gilgamesh, who again hasn’t been that involved until the latter half of the series.

Fate Stay Night UBW Anime Review

I hate to compare series, but one of the things I enjoyed about Fate Zero is that both Kirei and Kiritsugu were involved in the story for the entire series. We were able to see their thoughts and philosophy on the war and how they differed all the way up until their eventual clash. Here, it felt like the story focuses primarily on Shirou and Archers’ internal struggles and the rest of the story came second to that.

Animation and Sound

Probably the highlight of the series for me. Ufotable has never disappointed me with their gorgeous and smooth animation and incredible soundtrack. To be fair, most of the music came from the original game anyways, but still enhanced the series nonetheless.

Final Thoughts

Fate Stay Night UBW Ending

Overall, I feel like the series was what I expected it to be. I enjoyed it, and some scenes in particular (the final battle) exceeded my expectations. The epilogue was a nice addition to the series as well, to set up for future series as well as provide some closure on the story. I look forward to Heaven’s Feel once that’s released so that we can revisit the world of Fate and see the untold story!

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3 thoughts on “Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 25 (Epilogue) – Review

  1. About Shirou running into battles, I gotta say, it’s literally his nature. Due to having Avalon, the sheath of Excalibur, implanted inside him for ten years his Origin and Affinity became “Sword”. He’s a sword wielded by his own ideals.
    If we consider it, Shirou has become, within a span of fifteen days, one of the most powerful mages of the current era. He still lacks physical and magical development, but he’s on the right track. He can project Noble Phantasms, divine mysteries few mages can hope to stand agaisnt like a matter of course, and he also projects the techniques, abilities and physical capacity of their wielders, and he is capable of summoning a reality marble, a miracle near sorcery, only granted to those who have a different view of the world. He has traced many of Archer’s and some of Gilgamesh’s weapons, and also defenses such as Rho Aias. With some basic magic training such as that which he’s receiving from Rin in order to increase his mana capacity (He has 27 Magic Circuits, while the average mage has 20, Rin having 40) he would be a mage few would want to fight against.

  2. More than a shounen this anime is a seinen with slightly shounen touches, also F/Z have this touches but the main difference between those two is that F/Z is more like a battle royale and plus is based on a LN which is more easy to adapt as a whole in a series, the VNs are way more difficult to adapt into a series, ’cause each route and ending that those have works to complement each other… and let’s say… if you got a plot hole in one route, the other route will give you the answers and will fill that plot hole, but it’s true that the UBW route on the original VN has the most shonen alike things….

    Once said that, I’d say that in the UBW route the history is about shirou and archer and their clash of ideals, with rin as a main heroine, the rest of the characters are not so important in this route and in the VN you get to know a bit of each character in the fate route, but in Fate route the main focus is that you start to know a side of shirou and the main heroine arturia and her personality, fears and way of act.
    In UBW you get to know another kind of shirou, more balanced and so, as you get to know more about Rin that is the main heroine in this route (and a personal favorite, I love you Rin <3), and on the HF route you get o know another side of shirou and more about Sakura and Illya (another personal favorite, I love you Illya <3) as well, but each route fills the plot holes of the other, if you are just an anime watcher then you'll find that plot holes and stuff unbearable.

    To understand UBW at its fullest, better say, to understand Stay Night at its fullest; rather than just have watched fate/zero, that is an anime that explain a lot about the characters that doesn't play a main role in the ubw anime and it's basically the history of the man that inspires shirou to be what he wants to be and he neither plays a main role on shirou story, as I say, you must play the VN (to get a full picture of fate/stay night as a whole) or by default watch the anime adaptation of Deen and wait till ufotable release the first movie about HF that hope be a movie series like Kara no Kyoukai was…BTW
    *fanboy mode activated*
    The ufotable adaptation of fate/stay night ubw is awesome!.

    P-S: sorry 'bout my english X'D

  3. I thought that rin was supposed to convince shirou not to look after his dreams coz they are impossible and it will just bring him misery and I don’t know why nobody is talking about the last 2 seconds of the show coz that was the real ending in witch he will not listen to rin or archer (his future self) and walk through the path he choosed that archer was going to kill him so that he doesn’t choose it but in the end he choosed it and he looked sad and miserable for that

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