Gangsta Anime Episode 1 First Impressions

Gangsta Anime Episode 1 – First Impressions

So I guess Gangsta has started off pretty strong and managed to leave enough of an impression for me to want to pick it up for my weekly blog series!

Hopefully I’ll have enough time and enough of an opinion on the episodes so that these don’t just turn into a recap of the episode. I have to say, I like what I saw so far though from the first episode.

Gangsta Episode 1 Review

Gangsta takes place in a rather sketchy part of town where the mafia and gangs run wild. Women are forced into prostitution and overall, it’s just a toxic environment. The streets are so bad that even the cops have to hire these handymen to help clean up the streets.

We’ve only just started, but from what we can see, Alex was forced into this sort of lifestyle. She seems indifferent to the abuse she takes, and really has no reason to live for. She just goes along with Barry and does what she’s told to. Receiving that handkerchief from Nic was probably the first time anyone has ever done something nice for her.

Gangsta Episode 1 Reaction

Nic and Worwick seemed to pity and sympathize with her and end up freeing her from her chains. By taking out Barry, she no longer has any purpose in life which is why Worwick has her tag along with them. After this whole ordeal, she’s given an opportunity to work alongside the handymen, and thus, beginning their adventure.

Gangsta Anime Episode 1 Review

Overall, Gangsta was a nice breath of fresh air for me. After watching so many series revolving around high school kids, it’s nice to see a more mature and gritty series. The last series I remember watching from Manglobe was Samurai Flamenco, which was of a similar nature (revolving around adults) until it got silly. Since Gangsta is based on a manga though, I have faith that they wouldn’t stray too far from the actual story.

Gangsta Episode 1 Summary

I also thought that the show came together, thematically, very well. The opening and the ending seemed to just instantly click with the show in terms of animation and music. The opening song gives off a sort of punk feel while the ending gives off a more depressing or sorrow feel. From the first episode, I could see both spectrums. We have these two crazy mercenaries who fight crime, but at the same time they fight to try and heal this messed up world that they live in.

I’m curious how the plot will progress for this series. On one hand, I can see the handymen working their way through the gangs that Barry mentioned in this episode. Alternatively, it could also go down a more episodic route where they just fight crime on a weekly basis. I’m also hoping that the series runs a long enough course so that we can get some insight on where Worwick, Nic and Alex came from since I feel like their past is probably pretty interesting.



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3 thoughts on “Gangsta Anime Episode 1 – First Impressions

  1. Ahm, the Handymen didn’t fight crime. The mob through the police hired them to take out Barry Abbot’s gang because they were not following the accepted rule. I don’t think fighting crime is very high on their objective. They’re getting paid.

    1. Ah, thanks for clarifying that. That certainly makes more sense and just goes to show how corrupt their little town is where the cops try to please the big mobs.

      1. The very first job was that old lady with her stall who ask the boys to clear out some of Barry’s thugs. As a bonus, Nicholas relieved them of their loose change. That bonus supplement their income. For the main job, they didn’t bother with drugs or loose change, and just decided to keep Alex, and saving her in the meantime. There were some loose end, as in the scene Barry chewing out the thugs that got beat up by Nicholas, there are at least 2 more whores in Barry’s employment. We didn’t see what happened to them. I suppose the reason why Captain Chad Atkins want to have everyone killed is to have less witness and paperwork to deal with.

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