Gangsta Anime Episode 10 Review Destroyers

Gangsta Anime Episode 10 – Review

It’s been a whole week, but Gangsta is back from their break with a new episode!

Mikhail and Erica’s little stint was really a catalyst for Ergastulum. While it was by no means a quiet little suburb at the beginning of the series, the families maintained the balance of the city. Everyone had their specific roles. While there were disputes and renegades here and there, everything was relatively under control. Even though the hunters failed to take out their main targets that night, they left instilled fear in all of the Twilights as this is only just the beginning.

Gangsta Anime ep 10 discussion

Everyone is on the road to recovery after that chaotic night. The ambiance is lightening up with the OST and seeing everyone making their speedy recoveries. We learn a bit more into the doctor and some of the other characters in this time span. He comes off as a bit of a hard ass to most people, but he has saved probably just about everyone in Ergastulum’s life. Being the only doctor, he is the go to guy when anything goes wrong. His attitude is likely from having to deal with so many people on a constant basis, as well as his way of jesting with his patients.

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We also learn why people like the Handymen and several others remain unaffiliated with the various families. Had the doctor exclusively treated the Corsica family, there likely would be even more turmoil since the other families would see that as a threat. Worwick has incredible memory and could basically destroy an entire family if he was ever wronged by them. If they let him in on classified information, he could memorize it and leak it to the other families. Both him and Nic are too dangerous to have by your side, but you cannot deny their talent which is why they’re kept at a distance.

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While things were settling down, more chaos begins to erupt. The new group of Twilight hunters, including Emilio have begun moving. Ivan is relentlessly hunting the Twilights down. He first instilled paranoia by operating in the shadows, then the night but now he’s doing it out in the open. He slowly built up the fear while dwindling down the opposition’s forces and now he’s preparing for an all out attack.

Gangsta Episode 10 Review

Overall, it was another decent episode. I have to say that I’m a bit confused with all of the smaller events that are playing a bigger role in the series now. When all of these characters were first introduced, I found it hard to follow them and now they’re suddenly an integral part of the plot (like Ivan). Unfortunately, with only 12 episodes, it’ll be too short for me to actually get attached to these other characters which is currently affecting my enjoyment of the show. This is mainly my own fault for not paying closer attention earlier on in the series but a couple of these last few episodes left me feeling indifferent.


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