Gangsta Anime Episode 11 Review

Gangsta Anime Episode 11 – Review

The massacre continues in Ergastulum and the handymen have yet to join the battle.

While the city is up in flames, Delico and Alex have their own issues to attend to. Delico is determined to find Erica and put a stop to all of this at once while Alex is starting to regain her memories of Emilio. Coincidentally, both siblings are nearby but who knows if they will meet this season.

Gangsta Ep 11 Reaction Doug Death

Back in the trenches, the Hunters continue running rampant showing no signs of weaknesses. Even Doug who managed to go toe to toe with Nic was taken out within mere seconds. I guess he was a bit more resilient than the rest of his fellow Tags and manages to hold on for just a bit longer. He’s on his last legs but he manages to roam around town and find his way to Galahad. It’s rather depressing knowing that all of those Twilights were killed and no one seemed to be really bothered by any of it. The majority of them were likely alone and had no real friends or family, but it was nice that Doug got to be by someone’s side.

Gangsta Ep 11 Discussion

After playing around, Sig and the others go straight for Gina and her Guild. Gina manages to maintain her composure the whole time which only angers Sig more to the point where she disobeys her orders. Emilio seems to be level headed and restrains her from straying from the plan. I can only assume that they don’t plan on conquering the other families within a day, but they’re in it for the long haul.

Gangsta Episode 11 Synopsis

Marco seems to have a history with some of these other hunters. He was immediately questioning their appearance after hearing of the attacks and had accurately described two of them. Beretta also seems to have a score to settle with him as she was watching Connie and knew of her connection to Marco. His worst fear becomes a reality when he finds out that Connie has been taken away and he can only assume that Striker and Beretta are luring him towards them.

Gangsta Episode 11 Summary

It’s hard to believe that there’s only one episode left, especially with so much going on in this episode. With so many new characters being introduced, and the handymen have yet to take part, I can only assume that the ending won’t be very fulfilling. There are still so many concurrent plot points going on at the moment. We have Nic and Worwick MIA, the hunters making their move, Delico hunting for Erica, Loretta heading back out, Alex regaining her memories and Marco’s history.



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