Gangsta Anime Episode 12 Review

Gangsta Anime Episode 12 – Review (END)

Well, another day means another Summer 2015 anime has come to an end. Unfortunately, this week of Gangsta didn’t really feel like an end at all, but I’ll get to that later.

Gangsta Anime Review

Alex wakes up after her breakdown previously and continues to unlock more of her memories. She seems to be having a conflict with accepting Nicolas. She was raised to despise the Tags, yet Nic has done nothing but open up to her. She left her family behind and has nothing left. With the recent incidents with the Tags, she seems anxious with letting Nic go ahead and fears getting abandoned.

Gangsta Finale

Granny Joel is completely broken after hearing about Connie’s abduction and takes everything out on Marco. He can’t help but feel guilty for all the pain he has caused her. It seems like Marco had a role in the death of Connie’s father and mother, but she still chose to be with him after all of that. After finding his resolve, thanks to Loretta, Marco is prepared to save his beloved.

Striker Killing Worwick

Worwick deduces that Ivan is definitely the one responsible for all of the recent incidents. He has already escaped the city, along with Monroe before they can act on this information though. Striker comes to the party late, but begins brutally beating all of the men trying to protect the estate. Worwick buys as much time as he can and manages to suppress him before being thrown to his apparent death.

Gangsta Episode 12 Reaction

Throughout the episode, we see pretty much all of the different parties making their moves… and then the series has suddenly come to an end. To be honest, I thought this was an amazing episode with the pacing, the build up and the mood set as Worwick was thrown out of the window. However, it definitely was not satisfying for a series finale!

As a whole, I thought Gangsta started out relatively strong, it was a dark and gritty series that wasn’t afraid to show the cruel reality of the slums. However, by the mid way point, I found myself starting to lose interest as they kept introducing a whole bunch of new characters from the families, and the wave of antagonists every other episode.

Gangsta Last Episode

The story felt a bit confusing to me and I was finding it hard to understand the significance of some of the events as well as what the main story was. There was also a lack of build up for the finale, with so many new questions being opened up within the second half of the series. Episode 12 felt just like any other episode, except for the fact that it’s where we end the story for now.

Gangsta definitely needs another season but only time will tell if we can get a season 2 green lit. For those of you who are impatient (like me), we can pick up from chapter 28 where the anime ended to at least try and find some more closure within the manga.

Gangsta Anime Summary

While Gangsta started off strong, the lack of any sort of closure with the series finale really hurt my overall enjoyment of the show. There are plenty of other shows that managed to end on a somewhat conclusive note. However, Gangsta was not paced well for a 12 episode series. Perhaps there was no decent spot to end on, but it’s unfortunate that they chose to end mid arc, and on a cliffhanger.

Rating: 6/10 – Gangsta is fine for what it is (great music, good action), but without any continuation, then it leaves me regretting watching something so incomplete.

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5 thoughts on “Gangsta Anime Episode 12 – Review (END)

  1. Last time I felt like this was when I was watching the final episode of Code Geass (Season 1) and I was like “What the hell. That’s just it?” until it came back with an R2 and I was overjoyed 😀

    I agree. The anime ended with a cliffhanger. I was hoping for a monologue or some scene to put a bit of closure (and a bit of idea of what will or might happen next season). I like how Shingeki no Kyojin ended. Obviously there are a lot of questions left in the series (Shingeki), but the production ( I think Production I.G.?) made it feel like one question is answered ( I won’t mention it anymore. Just watch it.) and we should wait for the next season for the characters’ next move.

    Although the last episode’s a big disappointment, I don’t think it should be ranked 6/10 overall. Even though the later episodes have less action (until ep 9), I still find those episodes entertaining especially the flashbacks (too much feels..). I hope the 6/10 rating is just for this episode because I still find Gangsta a great anime (the visuals, music, and other stuff). I think it should be 8/10 (minus 2 for the disappointing last episode and lack of questions answered). Right now we only have Ivan who “might be” up to something and nothing more.

    Again I still love Gangsta and I hope they release the second season VERY soon and also the chapters in the manga. I don’t want the second season to have major changes just because they’re too close to the latest chapter and they have no choice but to change it (just like what happened to Akame ga Kill). Aaaaarghh… I’m gonna get mad if that happens.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      To be honest, the 6/10 rating (fine/decent) from me is mainly contingent if there is no continuation (should probably mention that in the original post!) but if all things remained the same and I knew for a fact that there would be more in the future, the rating would definitely shoot up to a 7.5-8 for the first half.

      It’s kinda like with Tokyo Ghoul, they ended on a massive cliffhanger in season 1, with so many things up in the air, but knowing that there was definitely a second season in the works made me more patient with that sort of ending.

      I think my main gripe with the series is that 12 episodes was not enough time to develop all of these characters and the plot points (let alone give me enough time to process all that’s going on). There were still a lot of amazing moments, the overall direction of the scenes, coordinated with the music were a masterpiece.

      I’m debating on giving the manga a read but after being spoiled with that amazing OST, I’m considering on just holding off and hoping for a season 2 down the road.

      1. I agree about “12 episodes not enough to develop all characters and plot.” It makes me wonder why these days most animes have 12 episodes per season unlike before. As far as I can remember, animes usually have 24-26 episodes for the shortest (Fate/stay night, Chrono Crusade) and more than 50 episodes for the longest (Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam Seed). Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Fairy Tale are set aside because they’re too mainstream I think .

  2. If you didn’t see it JIK, Manglobe filed for bankruptcy about two days ago, really giving context to Gangsta production values, and its a shame. Maybe another studio will get the rights, but we won’t know for a long time to come.

    1. Yeah that’s a shame, I think Manglobe had a really great artistic style when it came to the anime they produced (Samurai Flamenco, Deadman Wonderland and Kami Nomi in particular from what I watched). The art style was something that could appeal to your typical anime fan and an unfamiliar western audience it seemed (Samurai Champloo and Gangsta). Maybe the budget constraints were why there was such inconsistent animation at times and less focus on how they paced it (just wanted to get it done perhaps?).

      It took Durarara years for another company to take it over, but it is possible, however unlikely that may be.

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