Gangsta Anime Episode 2 Review

Gangsta Anime Episode 2 – Review

Things are progressing at a decent pace with this week’s episode.

Gangsta Episode 2 Reaction

Alex is still settling in to her new life with Nic and Worwick. Even though she was a prostitute in a bad part of town, witnessing violence hasn’t settled into her yet. We also continue to explore more of Nic’s mysterious character as well. While Alex is intimidated by him, we see that there is more to his character.

When Nina visits them, Nic shows his softer side. He always treats her and has a playful relationship. Despite his bloody actions, Nina also feels very comfortable around him. As scary as he may seem, we can see he is a gentle person. He also protects Nina from the gang members targeting her, refusing to let anyone harm her.

Gangsta Ep 2 Review

While we didn’t get a full telling of his past, we can see glimpses of it throughout the episode. I would assume that Nic came from a troubled youth where he was out on the streets being involved in fights and trouble. Similar to Alex, it looks like Worwick reached out to him and gave his life a new meaning. While those days are behind him, Nic still carries the tag which symbolizes where he came from and what he went through.

Nina also instantly defends Nic when Alex was afraid of him. She seems to sympathize with his past, understanding the life Nic had lived and all he has been through. Seeing the consequences for the Tag that failed, one can only imagine the crap Nic had gone through. With the fear of failure and punishment lurking for any mishaps, it’s no wonder he is as strong as he is today.

Gangsta Anime Episode 2 Synopsis

I can’t blame Alex for fearing Nic at this point though. The man barely speaks and doesn’t hesitate to take another person’s life. She’ll probably warm up to him as time passes and she learns more about his past though.

While the handymen were dealing with relatively smaller guys this episode, we get some more setup to the main plot. In the first episode, we had an introduction to a gang that was being aggressive and getting out of control. These new guys in town are hiring these mercenaries to gain positioning and resources in the town.

I’d say Gangsta has started off pretty strong. While it’s only a 12 episode series, I’m enjoying the current pacing. I don’t expect us to get any sort of resolution by the end of it, but I’m already getting attached to the characters after just a few episodes.



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