Gangsta Anime Episode 3 Review

Gangsta Anime Episode 3 – Review

We have a bit of a slower episode this week with the lack of action scenes, but still a lot of great development nonetheless!

Judging from the bloody flashback, it seems like Nic played a part in Worwicks family’s deaths. Although things still aren’t clear, there must have been some motive behind it considering how the two are still close after such an event. While it was reported that the son, Worwick, was taken hostage, it seems he willingly went along with Nic after what happened. I can see a sort of parallel to what happened with Alex. Her “family” was slaughtered, and the man behind it all offers to take her in so that they can start a new life.

Gangsta Episode 3 Reaction

Worwick is also very defensive with Nic. Even with his clients, he showed his disgust when his client tried to buy Nic’s body as well. He felt insulted that she would insist that his partner is on the same level as himself. He also snapped at the woman bad mouthing Nic, insisting that he was holding Worwick back. It’s clear that the two are protective of each other and have a good relationship, despite the past incidents.

As it was hinted towards last episode with Worwick’s wanted sign, his other occupation involves selling his body. Seeing how both him and Alex faced similar experiences, it’s no wonder why he has taken an interest in her. Towards of the end of the episode, he even expresses his desire for her to get out of this town before it’s too late. He fell into the rut of selling his body for cash in the streets, and became too far entrenched into the city so that it’s too late for him. For Alex though, she’s still relatively new and still has a chance of a better life elsewhere. For him, he’s been at it for far too long and it has just become a part of who he is.

Gangsta Ep 3 Review

Last week, Alex expressed her fear of Nic’s character. Seeing his past, he certainly is an unpredictable man, but we also saw his kinder side. If he holds someone dear, he holds them close to his heart. Even if he can be intimidating, he seems to be warming up to Alex with his teasing and putting her worries and questions to ease.

Gangsta Ep 3 Summary

We also learned a bit more about the inner workings of their city where there are four main families controlling it and drugs are being distributed throughout. These drugs are crippling the Twilights and causing their deaths. Nic himself seems to be suffering from the side effects, which could mean that his time is starting to come to an end.

Overall, it was a great episode. Even without action, I enjoyed learning more about the characters’ pasts and personalities. I did find it a bit hard to follow at times, with all of the people being introduced and the occasional jumping between scenes.



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