Gangsta Anime Episode 4 Review

Gangsta Anime Episode 4 – Review

They hinted towards the past last week, but once again, we get more glimpses of Worwick and Nicolas’ story.

The handymen have a special relationship with Chad. Despite him being a cop, he uses them to carry out some under the table jobs and gather information on crimes. Chad is doing all of this behind the backs of the other officers which shows he has a crooked way of getting the job done. He seems to share a special relationship with the two as well. When Worwick lost his family, Chad had to deal with the two and handled an emotional Worwick.

Gangsta Episode 4 Reaction

As we uncover more of the handymen’s past we can see how much Worwick has changed and how little Nic has. Worwick seemed like a bit stuck up and bratty, coming from a wealthy family. However, he seemed incredibly insecure and was sick of his dad trying to control his life. As an adult though, Worwick seems to the complete opposite and is rather care free and doesn’t take many things seriously.

Gangsta Episode 4 Summary

Young Nic seemed relatively similar to how he is now. He was always quiet and kind towards others. Now he might have a bit of a temper, but he is still a very kind person. He was assigned to protect Worwick and simply fulfilled his job. Even though he was treated poorly by Worwick, he never acted any differently. He still tried his best to fulfill his duties, and even returned the book that Worwick threw at him. He didn’t see any ill will in that gesture which just goes to show what kind of person Nic was. Despite all of the abuse he suffered, he still valued serving Worwick.

Hopefully as we continue to progress, we’ll continue unlocking pieces of their past. While we’re starting to get a clearer picture of their childhood, we also need to learn about the woman who came before Alex. Alex herself is beginning to question whether she should stay and continues to have nightmares about Barry.

We also learn more about the Twilights, children who were born from users of the celebrer drug. These people took these drugs to increase their physical capabilities and carried on the side effects to their children.

Gangsta Doug vs Nic

While we’re learning about the handymen’s past, we also meet a new Twilight. Up until now, all of the people that the handymen dealt with were small fries. Now, we finally have another Twilight who is on equal ranking with Nic.

Gangsta Ep 4 Review

I’m looking forward to the clash next week. Overall, things are starting to connect for me. The first few episodes, I found it hard to remember and keep track of the gangs and all of the terminology, but things are beginning to make more sense.


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