Gangsta Anime Episode 6 Review

Gangsta Anime Episode 6 – Review

While the series has calmed down, there were so many amazing scenes this week as we uncover more of the mystery behind the recent attacks and Worwick’s past.

It looks like the past is repeating itself. Ergastulum seems to have maintained balance for some time after the riots in the past where Twilights were hunted. Now, the Corsica family is attempting to destroy the balance and beginning these hunts once again. While Twilights were useful for the military, due to their physical capabilities, the rest of the population may have felt threatened by them.

We continue to see flashbacks of Nic’s past. He was conceived by a Twilight prostitute and suffered heavy abuse from his father. Since Twilights were treated as weapons or animals, he disposed of her after she gave birth to a child which he would have the rights to. He raised Nic in hopes of being able to cash out one day since he could be used as a mercenary. As a child, he never experienced love or had any companionship. It didn’t help that he was unable to communicate as well, isolating him further from the world.

Gangsta Episode 6 Reaction

After the initial misunderstanding, Worwick began reaching out to him. He was the only person who didn’t talk behind his back and had no interest in the affairs of the Arcangelo family. He treated Nic like a friend, showed interest in his life and began teaching him how to communicate so that he was more than just a weapon.

Worwick’s father didn’t take too kindly to his son getting close to the guard he hired. He feared that his son would turn this dangerous weapon against him. He also cared little for Worwick since he was an illegitimate child and not the true heir to the Arcangelo family.

Gangsta Ep 6 Summary

The two kids came from completely different backgrounds, but they shared the same experiences. Worwick came from a wealthy, respected name, Nic came from nothing and had nothing. The two of them desired companionship and interaction which was denied to them both. Their fathers and everyone around them treated the two like nuisances and would have preferred if neither of them existed. While they weren’t able to communicate well, Nic and Worwick seemed to develop a quick bond and understood each others pain.

Veronica Gangsta

The three main characters are all haunted by their pasts. Worwick carries the memory of his family being slaughtered, while Nic is still pained with what happened to Veronica. All of them carry some sort of guilt for what happened in the past and they aren’t able to completely move past it.

Gangsta Worwick Alex Kiss

Alex is still haunted by Barry’s death as she is experiencing withdrawal symptoms from her drugs. She had been paranoid and began hallucinating, bringing her to the brink of insanity. Worwick takes responsibility for Barry’s death and helps snap her back to reality. Rather than letting her continue with her autopilot mode, he refuses her advances which helps her realize that she’s no longer under “Barry’s” control.

Overall, the soundtrack used in this episode set the mood perfectly. The Alex and Worwick scene in particular caught my attention. The uplifting music getting louder in the background as Worwick reaches out to Alex and eventually drowning out his rambling as the rain begins to clear.



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