Gangsta Anime Episode 7 Review

Gangsta Anime Episode 7 – Review

Even though there was no action again this week, Gangsta’s slower episodes provide a lot of insight into the characters and the city of Ergastulum.

Worwick seemed to have a negative perception of all Twilights as a kid. Seeing them on the news, one could only assume that they were dangerous. After learning that Nic was one of the Twilights that he despised so much, he was in denial and didn’t know what to believe. Nic showed a lot of kindness to Wallace, protecting him and treasuring their time together.

Gangsta Ep 7 Reaction Nicolas Crying

Worwick didn’t want to lose his friend so he used his family’s power and wealth. He bought Nic from his father and supplied him with the celebrers to keep him alive. Unfortunately, this didn’t go as smoothly as he had expected. He thought Nic would be happy to be freed from the division, but instead he just felt abandoned. His father didn’t care for him at all and cast him aside for the big payout. All his life, he just followed his father’s orders and worked within the divisions. Now that he was free, he had nothing left to live for and became lost.

Gangsta Anime Ep 7 Discussion

Over time, they thought that things would change for them. In the end, nothing really happened though. Both Nic and Worwick were under his father’s oppression and being treated like dirt. After seeing the constant abuse, Nic eventually snapped and murdered his entire family. Similar to Nic, Worwick had guilt and regret when it came to his father. Despite their rough treatment of their sons, both Nic and Worwick felt that they had to please their fathers and didn’t want to leave them. He still seems to carry some guilt about the death of his family which still haunts him today.

Gangsta Episode 7 Review

Back in present day, it was nice to see Nic and Doug getting along pretty well. Now that they’re no longer in the heat of the moment, they have no reason to clash. From their brief interaction we learn more about the Twilights, that they basically have to sacrifice something in order to have the strength that they have. Nic was born without hearing, while Doug is unable to fully mature his body. This may come into play in the future when dealing with stronger Tags who seem to have a clear advantage over normal people. Doug is also afraid of crossing paths with Nic as well. After learning about where he’s from and clashing with him, he doesn’t want to get involved in someone with such a dangerous past.

Nic and Nina

Alex also has become a new woman as well. After Worwick reaching out to her, she seems to have fully come out of her shell and has a new found will to live. She acts like a motherly figure to the two handymen and begins warming up to the others. Nic has even begun to accept her as well by joking about her sign language.

Gangsta Ep 7 Summary

The Tag killers are also revealed at the end of the episode as well, setting up for a potential clash in the near future with Worwick and Nic.


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