Gangsta Anime Episode 8 Review

Gangsta Anime Episode 8 – Review

Most of this episode had a different vibe from the rest of the earlier episodes.

At times, episode 8 of Gangsta almost felt like a slice of life. We had the handymen doing handy work, and Alex with her adorable reactions while interacting with the other residents of Ergastulum and even seems to have found a friend in Connie. She is adjusting well after her recent development and addressing her withdrawal symptoms.

Gangsta Episode 8 Review

While she is definitely a lot more sociable now, she still has repressed memories that are causing her panic attacks. She was staying idle in Ergastulum because she had no place and no one to return to, but now she remembers that she has a brother out there somewhere. There’s definitely more to her life than she had initially thought but she begins to revert back to her old self. Nic lends a helping hand though and helps calm her down from her little outbreak.

Gangsta Ep 8 Reaction Alex Soiree Singing

As night falls, they attend a soiree where Alex is the main show. She was depressed earlier on with regaining some of her memories of her brother but she gets a chance to relax and perform. Rather than sit around and be alone with her thoughts, she dresses up and is pushed onto the stage by Worwick giving her a chance to sing. She was always humming melodies and seemed to really enjoy it. Worwick arranging this gives her a chance to vocalize some of her feelings and help lift her spirits.

Gangsta Ep 8 Discussion Alex Brother

As she sings, a hooded man seems to have been brought to tears by her singing. With the mention of her having a brother this episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if the siblings are actually closer than they realized. Seeing her memories, she would sing to her baby brother all of the time. Hearing her voice was probably nostalgic for him and he could tell his sister was singing even after being separated for so long.

Other important takeaways from this episode include the family dynamics within the town of Ergastulum. We meet the head of the Cristiano family, a young girl who is in charge of one of the main families who help maintain balance in this city. Her role is simply to provide the Twilights with Celebrers while other families are in charge of the Twilights, businesses and weapons. Since she’s just a child, she seems to have quite the temper which I guess is needed if she wants to be taken seriously as the head of the Cristiano family.

Gangsta Episode 8 Summary Alex Dress

Next week, the episode is titled ‘Siblings’ which makes Alex’s reunion with her younger brother seem likely. The Twilight hunters have also been relatively quiet the last few episodes. They have been inching closer and closer to the handymen, but have yet to actually clash openly with them thus far.


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