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Once again, a crisis has been averted thanks to Mr. Tatsuya. Even though he wasn’t on the scene, it seems like he dispelled everyone else’s spells to allow Miyuki to stop the fire. After last week ended on such a cliffhanger, I can’t help but say I was expecting a bit more from this. Regardless, the episode continued to take things slow as the Nine School’s Competition still has yet to begin.

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It seems that the world of Mahouka is set in a somewhat “older” time period. While the technology is advanced, people’s mentality is rather old fashioned. Hattori became insecure because a girl who was younger than him was more skilled at magic than himself. The fact that he emphasized Miyuki’s gender seems to indicate they’re under the idea that men need to be stronger. We’ve also had cases in previous episodes as well as this one, regarding how the girls dress. For the most part, they’re expected to cover up and not reveal as much skin. Miyuki’s comments may have been driven out of jealousy, but there were previous comments that point towards this direction (Erika’s bloomers).

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Erika vents her frustrations a bit with Tatsuya. She’s a bit frustrated that Mikihiko is so timid and kind of a push over. He seems to have a special magical ability but lacks all confidence within himself. She finds comfort in speaking with Tatsuya. Talking to Tatsuya is like speaking to a wall in a sense. He lacks all emotions and doesn’t really care about other people’s problems. He doesn’t want to get involved in others’ affairs and doesn’t fake sympathy since he doesn’t care. Erika is able to just vent openly with Tatsuya rather than keeping everything bottled up within her.

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The chairman makes an appearance as well in this episode. He uses a spell that catches everyone but five people off guard. I’m wondering if the purpose of this spell was to further stroke Tatsuya’s ego for being able to recognize it. Either that, or it may have some relevance to what happened at the end of the episode (or again, it was Tatsuya’s ego being stroked for being a savior). Since only five students could detect that low potency spell, it could be possible that Mikihiko has fallen for one here.

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The bathing scene with Miyuki seemed like it was directly taken from the light novel. The way the camera panned across her seems like it would match a descriptive passage from the books, narrowing in on the details of her body. Either way though, this scene didn’t really serve much of a purpose aside from Miyuki assuring us that she’s not in love with Tatsuya (I’m still not convinced though). The crimson prince also seems to have taken an interest in her. I’m interested in seeing how Tatsuya and him will meet since Ichijou should be more skilled than the other people Tatsuya has dealt with thus far.

You can watch Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 10 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions, free users can view the episode one week after it airs.)



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